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Hey all... was referred here by a buddy (PrimerDust360) ... I'm a new firearm owner... 42 yrs old..

earlier this year, my neighborhood started having a rash of car break-ins and a garage break-in (my neighbor across the street). My car (a convertible with a removable hardtop) had the windows broken out and my hardtop stolen... over the course of about 6 months, one neighbors' car was stolen from his driveway, and about 4 or 5 other neighbors (myself included) had some kind of burglary happen. I was concerned (and expressed this to the police) that these vehicle break-ins and such may escalate to home break-ins - and they agreed that it was possible.

This prompted me to buy a home defense shotgun (H&R Pardner Protector 12ga (http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2011/12/ralph/gun-review-hr-1871-pardner-pump-protector-12-gauge/)). After watching some Youtube videos, I cleaned it and took it to the range to get used to it (having never fired a shotgun before). Holy crap, that thing kicked like a pissed off mule! My shoulder was black and blue for nearly 2 weeks! Anyways...
I recently bought a Glock 19 9mm, it was an agency trade-in, that looks like it was barely (if ever) used.. got it for a good price... Hoping to head to the range with it for the first time tomorrow.

Anyways... firearms are new to me (we don't have kids in the house), and my wife isn't a fan... so I am trying to get comfortable with them before taking her to the range with me.. she wasn't too happy about the purchases when I told her... but it's been a couple weeks, so I think she may be absorbing the information still :)

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Welcome aboard!

My friend is a hell of a photographer, a fellow car guy and dog lover. Everyone give him a big welcome.

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Welcome calgecko!

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Welcome! Don't hesitate to look into some training classes, you'll never regret it. There are also some really good women only beginner classes .. you'll have her hooked after that :) There are lots of trainers. I've taken a couple of classes from Gray Ops. You can find them here. I think they're excellent.

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Welcome. And you and your wife should take classes. I bet once she fires a gun for the first time. She will love it

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welcome Cal gecko. keep in mind most ranges have a ladies night so you'll save some money and could meet some cool people.

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Thanks guys.... I'm definitely on the lookout for some basic handgun safety classes... if nothing else, just for me. At the point, I don't think I'll be able to convince my wife to attend - she had some fairly traumatic experiences in her past (with a psycho ex, who happened to be an unbalanced ex-marine) with guns.. so she's already told me that she refuses to go to the range or learn how to use a gun...

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Welcome. Consider picking up a .22 rifle and asking your wife to go to the range with you. They are great for introducing new folks to shooting as well as being lots of fun and inexpensive to feed.

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Hello from Arden/Arcade~!

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welcome to the forum

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Welcome, and anyone that loves dogs can't be that bad of a person!

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Welcome aboard! Sorry to hear about the negatives which lead to the positive. Hopefully there will come a time where your wife is also more comfortable.

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Welcome aboard.

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Welcome aboard from a fellow Northern Californian

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Heyo! Congrats on the purchases.

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Welcome! Congrats!

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