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09-20-2012, 3:18 PM
Short story: PCSing to Monterey in May. Looking foward to the change, but drastically short of info.

Long story:
Wrapping up a deployment in the Western Pacific, with orders to Monterey on the Horizon. Have reviewed the bulk of CA rules regarding firearms, and understand a fair portion of my firearms and all my class three will have to remain out of the state. However, I am lacking some indepth knowledge of the area of Monterey, and an associate pointed me this way.

Expect a question or two on the availability of CCW permits in the area of Monterey, followed by several relating to recommend shops to visit (and those to avoid) and ranges to shoot at. Highlight: I am looking specifically for a rifle range greater than 100 yards, praying for over 300.

Any ways, how are you all doing?

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Welcome to Calguns, and thank you for serving. :patriot:

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Hey bud, just joined too. Was surprised to see Monterey, CA in one of the first threads I looked at.

I am from the area. By far the best shooting range around is Laguna Seca, yes the same famed Laguna Seca Raceway has an awesome range. Off Highway 68, between Salinas and Monterey.

Also, my wife's parents just got their CCW's down there (I live up in Chico now, but plan on returning next year). The class was run by a Sheriff Deputy. PM if you want more info and I will get it for you. But there will be a very long wait due to background and whatnot.

09-20-2012, 6:19 PM
Like BS831 mentioned, Laguna Seca has a nice range, but they only have paper targets out to 100 yards. They do have a gong setup an 300 yards on a hill to shoot at and they are working on a 500 yard gong as well. There is also a shooting gallery for handguns and 22's that is full of steel reactive targets.

I don't like in Monterey but I know they are issuing CCW's but there is quite a list of things to do in order to get it........but the good news is it is one of the few counties in CA that is issuing them.

There is a gun shooting club at Laguna Seca and they offer steel shoots as well as IDPA and such, check http://www.lsssa.org/

Thank you for your service and welcome to CA!

09-20-2012, 6:49 PM
Laguna Seca is TMcG...great staff, 200 yard rifle line, 50 yard pistol line, 50 yard steel plates, 300 yard and 500 yard gongs.

Check out the Carmel Gun Club and the Coalinga Rifle Club as well. If you are coming to NPS or DLI, send me a PM and I will get you connected with the NPS Rifle/Pistol team.

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Welcome to Calguns! Just curious, were you recommended here from another forum? NVM, found your other thread (you'll easily recognize me in your SF thread about this), welcome! This forum will definitely help with your CA move ?s, and good luck with it, sir.

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hey fellow calgunners. i would like to obtain my ccw. Can any body help me out on were to stat... an things i should prepare to have or know? pleas pm me thanks all!!!

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Welcome to CalGuns. Thank you for your service! :patriot:

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