View Full Version : B&C M40 barrel channel too small

09-18-2012, 12:47 PM
I received my new B&C stock the other day and tried to install it this morning. The barrel channel is touching the barrel at the last 1/4". I can run a piece of paper or a dollar bill between the barrel and the stock from the recoil lug to the front until I get to that last part. It does look properly aligned in the barrel channel. I had my local gunsmith look at it, he said to just sand that last little bit. B&C instructions say you might have to remove a bit of material.

Just want a second opinion from CGN since you guys have not let me down yet. I'm thinking 160 grit sand sandpaper, just take of little amount and reinstall, repeat if necessary?

Btw this is for a Rem 700 with a heavy varmint 26" barrel.

Short Action Precision
09-18-2012, 12:58 PM
Just sand the rest off. Like you said you only need enough room for a dollar bill to pass through.

09-18-2012, 2:42 PM
To truly freefloat, you want somewhere between 1/32" and 1/16" of clearance between the stock and barrel.

09-18-2012, 4:32 PM
Get/cut yourself a broom handle that's about 14"in length. Wrap sandpaper around it and you can easily hog out the channel to float the barrel.
Leave more of a gap than just enough to slip paper under, it will help with heat dissipation.