View Full Version : $5.00 for 2oz of Firearms Lubricant from Legion Firearms (47% Off Retail)

09-18-2012, 8:04 AM
$5.00 for 2oz of Firearms Lubricant from Legion Firearms (47% Off Retail)

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Deal Overview
This high-performance formula was developed to lubricate in high and low temperature applications. Even in extreme sub-zero temperatures, it has been proven to reduce oil thickening, help clean, and prevent deposits that cause weapons to jam. Its specially formulated bio-based composition makes its fully biodegradable within 28 days. The unique combination of its vegetable and synthetic components allow it to lubricate into close-tolerant areas and prevent corrosion, surpassing the performance of petroleum based or all-synthetic oils.

Though designed specifically to perform in firearms, its applications are nearly unlimited as a light general purpose lubricant or where extreme temperatures make lubrication a problem. This product has exceptional benefits over petroleum oils in these applications, especially because of its biodegradability when there is direct loss of the lubricant into the water, soil, or work environment.

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