View Full Version : Colt CR6720 BUIS?

Roland Deschain
09-16-2012, 7:31 PM
So my Colt CR6720 came with no sights at all and deserves a decent optic riding the rail (still weighing my options). However even if I pick up an optic I figure BUIS are always a good idea since glass breaks, batteries die, etc. I've searched a bit but am not really coming up with any answers...

- I prefer folding sights since I'll be primarily using a scope with this rifle
- I figure the front sight needs to attach to the barrel since there is no rail on the handguard (and I have no desire to change it)
- Would prefer something I can install myself without the need of a gunsmith

Any advice?

A pic of the weapon in question (currently wearing a Vortex StrikeFire which is more battle rifle/carbine appropriate):