View Full Version : OK, who shot Sporting Clays at Triple B today?

09-16-2012, 3:38 PM
How was it?

I can't shoot for another week, and it's killing me !!!

09-16-2012, 8:50 PM
Sup Brad -

I ended up shooting Triple B's fun shoot - my first time shooting sporting/5-stand there.

It was another hot day. Our group of six, with Don Jackson tagging along to observe us for a bit, headed out the back end and started with station 24. One of the great things about their course (especially on days like these) is the abundance of shade. The course was pretty good overall, some challenging ones here and there. Loved the rabbit and going away pair...it was funny watching people smash the rabbit as it slowed in the grass. Also ran a couple of stations...and completely dived on one (barely managed a 2) on a set of arcing crossers that were deceiving (got the last pair only after forcing myself to almost double my lead).

I did okay; ended up with a 73 for C class - only good for 4th (another shooter got a 73, so not sure if that's a tie for 3rd, but got put down as #4).

Let's not talk about how bad I did on their 5-stand course.

Did run into Sidious and some Calguns Clinic skeet shooters - got to say hi and wanted to shoot a round with them after 5-stand/lunch, but that took forever and a day and by the time my round was done it looked as if they had gone.:o


You gonna make it to Redlands? The folks I shoot with are planning to; I may join them again (haven't tried their SC course either lol).

09-16-2012, 10:07 PM
Did run into Sidious and some Calguns Clinic skeet shooters - got to say hi and wanted to shoot a round with them after 5-stand/lunch, but that took forever and a day and by the time my round was done it looked as if they had gone.:o

Ray, good running into you. We were there till about 1400, maybe next time.

09-17-2012, 8:24 PM
I was there on sat to buy a 391. Left my ID there so went back and shot on Sunday. I wanted to check out the fun shoot but I am a new shooter so didn't know all the details to join. Maybe next month.

09-17-2012, 9:00 PM
Basically a "fun shoot" is a monthly sporting clays event (more or less) following the National Sporting Clays Assn (NSCA) rules.

Here in So Cal it's always 100 targets spread over 12 to 14 stations. At each station you'll shoot 3, 4 or 5 pairs of targets. Each station will be a different target presentation.

In So Cal they always start around 9:00am, and cost $35 to $75.

Here's a word doc I created with more info.

Sporting Clays in the Los Angeles area:

Say what you want about So. Cal. We’ve got restrictive gun laws, we’ve got earthquakes, we’ve got wildfires, we’ve even got “The Sperminator” for our (ex)governor, but we do have 4 Sporting Clays ranges in the Los Angeles area.

Each of them holds their monthly shoot on a different weekend. Each of them has something different to offer, all are fun to shoot, and all are open to the public.

Triple B Clays is located in El Monte off of the 60 near the 605. It’s a 24 station flat course, in a heavily treed setting. They have 12 hunter stations, and 12 tournament stations, all have “A” & “B” shooting position. Most of their stations have three or four machines presenting a good variety of target presentations. Their monthly shoot is on the first Sunday of the month. http://www.triplebclays.com

Raahauge’s is located in Corona off of the 91 between the 71 and the 15. It’s a semi-flat course set in the Prado flood plane. They keep adding new stations and new machines all the time. Their monthly shoot is on the second Sunday of the month. Mike's bark is worse than his bite. http://www.raahauges.com/

Moore-N-Moore is located in San Fernando off of the 210 near the 118. It’s a great course with hills and valleys in the San Gabriel Mtn foothills. They have 12 stations, 10 of them have “A” & “B” shooting positions. They really are “The friendliest range in southern California”. They hold their monthly shoot on the third Saturday of the month. Best fun shoot lunch in LA http://www.moorenmoore.com

Oak Tree is located in Newhall off of the 5 near the 14. They have some of the most spectacular views on a sporting clays course anywhere. http://www.oaktreegunclub.com/ (Call before going)

Prado Olympic Shooting Park is located in Chino off of the 71 near the 91. They offer trap, skeet & 5-stand. http://www.shootprado.com/

All of these places offer public shooting so don’t wait until they hold their monthly shoots. Contact the clubs directly for more information.

If you live in Los Angeles and you can’t find a place to shoot, you’re not looking hard enough.

Here’s a link to my website. I’ve got pictures & reviews of the clubs:


Don Nguyen
09-17-2012, 9:12 PM
A bit random, but does your screen name a reference to Yamaha YSR50s?

09-17-2012, 9:27 PM
Yep, I startd out racing YSR50s with the CMRRA in the mid 90's. John Hopkins was just a kid then.

He went on to race in Moto GP, World Super Bike, AMA Super Bike, and British Super Bike.

Me, I went on to crash a bunch of times at Willow Springs.