View Full Version : TLR-2s vs TLR-4

09-15-2012, 12:47 PM
I just bought a TLR-2s for $189 and I saw that there is a TLR-4 for about $110. I see that other than battery run time (1.5 vs 2.5 hours) and lumens (110 vs 160) there is almost no difference.

Do you guys think I should return the TLR-2? This is for a home def weapon.

09-15-2012, 2:08 PM
really depends on the weapon. the tlr-4 fits great on my xd's, or any other polymer frame handgun (glock, m&p, etc...). the tlr-2s was a very good match for my 1911's and cz sp-01. the paddles fell right where my trigger finger rests. when i tried the tlr-4 on the steel frame pistols, the activation paddles were too far forward, which makes sense since the tlr-4 has a shorter housing, which makes it ideal for shorter frame or polymer pistols. now, if this is going on a rifle or shotty, i much prefer the tlr-4, since it brings less weight to the muzzle end of the firearm. makes maneuverability much better. the difference in lumens is negligible. to be perfectly honest, i couldnt tell the difference. dont know if i got bad tlr-2s' or good tlr-4's, but it is what it is. the laser on the tlr4 seems crisper to me as well, probably since the weaponlight itself is a newer design in comparison to the tlr-2s.

FWIW, in my experience the zero adjustments screws on the tlr-4 seemed like they'd be more impervious to recoil in comparison to the tlr-2s. when adjusting the tlr-2s, the screws were very easily adjusted, as if i needed to put some threadlocker in there. the tlr-4 adjustment screws were firm. both held zero after repeated range trips, but i felt more confident in the tlr-4 holding its zero better.