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09-13-2012, 11:14 PM
Hello fellow CG'ers,

This is my first time writing one of these so here we go...

I recently picked up a Stoger M3000, 28" Barrel, 12 Gauge. This is my first auto loading shotgun that I have purchased. The reason I purchased the M3000 was because of it's Inertia Driven system. I had seen the M2000 a few years ago and since it was so new to the market I waited to see if It was going to be around for a while. Since the system is used on Benelli's M2 and the American Series of auto loaders as well as Franchi's Affinity and I12 models I jumped on the Inertia Driven wagon.

The M3000 came with 3 choke tubes, shims and of course the shotgun itself in a cardboard box.



I was very surprised that it didn't come with a lock considering it's being sold in CA where we have all these misguided laws on safety. I had to buy a cheap lock to be compliant, even though I have 4 unused locks at home. But I digress, Once I assembled the M3000 (which is extremely simple) I proceeded to inspect the finish. I will say that it isn't the best I have seen, and not the worst. The serial number stamping was something that I grimaced at. Some of the numbers are lightly stamped and were hard to see.


There is some wiggle in the handgrip, the stock feels really thin walled. The shotgun is very light. The trigger guard is composite. And the Turkey sight was not very bright. I have seen others and I figured it was going to be like a fiber optic sight.



I read the manual and I found no way of how to install the shims to adjust drop and cast. To remove the limiter was also a chore. The manual read: 1) Disassemble unit. 2) Remove limiter. 3) Reassemble. Had to youtube it and after a few vids I figured it out.

So today I popped her sherry and ran about 150 rounds through her. According to the website it said the M3000 & M3500 didn't need a break in period. However according to the manual, it's recommended to run 2-3 boxes of heavy loads to ensure it will cycle the minimum recommended load.


So I picked up two of each of these at my local Walmart. Other than 3" magnums I did not see any other "heavy" loads. Loaded her up with some of the Winchesters first and had one FTE. It loaded the next round but the spent shell was still in the chamber. Cleared it and finished off the box. Shot the Federal next and I alternated Winchester and Federal. On the second box the Winchester again caused a FTE and another round was stuck in the chamber. Finished off both the Federal and Winchester boxes.
Ran the last Federal and had no problems after that. After 4 boxes of heavy loads, I shot up two more boxes. One of federal and one of Winchester target loads. The M3000 had no problems after those initial FTE's with the Winchester Heavy Game Loads. The target loads where definitely easier on the shoulder and will more than likely is all that will be shot trough this shotgun. Since I was at Angeles range I was unable to rapid fire to see how fast it will cycle. But I was able to pick up those stray clays with a few quick follow up shots.

At the end of the day I am very happy and had fun with it and I will be heading out to Oaktree for some proper clay hunting. Considering I got a Corvette engine in a Kia's body is Ok with me for $540 OTD price. My long term plan is to leave it as is and get another Semi auto for "tactical" purposes. I hope that this helps someone on the fence or is looking for an inexpensive Semi-Auto Shotgun.


05-08-2013, 9:20 PM
Glad to hear the good review. I just bought one. Don't have it yet, (going through the waiting period in California). Looking forward to getting it and trying it out. My old Remington Model 11 I had served me well but finally broke on me. I didn't have a lot of money to spend so I thought I'd get the M3000. Right now I'm also looking for the Recoil Reducer but having a hard time locating one. I see one listed on the Stoeger store but it's for a M2000. I wrote them asking if it's the same one as for the M3000. Waiting to hear from them on that.

05-22-2013, 11:46 AM
I have this gun now and just shot about 100 rounds for the first time. Shot dove load 1 1/8. Gun worked really well. Cycled all rounds with no hiccups at all. The one thing I don't get is I read a lot of reviews saying this thing kicks like a mule. I thought the recoil was actually pretty mild and no more than my gas operated Baretta 390. I really like this gun. Looks great and works just fine.