View Full Version : US PALM ASP-C Would you get one?

09-12-2012, 1:37 AM
The US PALM ASP-C has two Level IV plates. I am thinking about purchasing one. The price seems too good to pass up at about $363 shipped OTD.

My concerns are with the shape of the front plate. I am a large guy and figured the contour of the plate would not matter for me because of my size. My torso seems wide enough that the smaller swimmer plates would not matter much.

Do the swimmer plates or triple curves make that much of a difference in ergonomics? I figure the smaller plates would matter more for a smaller/thinner person.

Also I can see how the tripe curve plates fit better, but the price of the US Palm ASP-C seems too good to pass up at Level IV. The weight does not seem to be that much more than anything comparable as far as price.

The BAE Systems composite Level IV plates seem lighter, but I have not found anyone who sells the plates to civilians. Not to mention the hefty price tag per plate.

Do you prefer the lighter, swimmer cut or more curved plates over the US Palm Hybrid single curve plates? I have read that Gabe Suarez likes them. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

09-12-2012, 9:51 AM
I work as an armed security professional and security contractor. I can offer you some insights on what has worked for me in the past. Check this out:


They sell to civilians, but they won't export. They do carry up to XL size plates for bigger people. Here's a simple Low-Vis Plate Carrier that works very well:


I got 2 USGI SAPI plates and put them in the Blackhawk Low-Vis Plate Carrier. That set up gives me protection against most commonly-encountered small arms systems. I have used and abused this system and I love it. It is adjustable and should fit larger sized people.

Bottom line: don't be frugal when it comes to personal protection. The US PALM product is a good deal, but will it fit your threat level? Obvioulsy you think you need protection. So, get something that will protect you. I have no experience with US PALM products, so I cannot speak intelligently about those. But, I have oodles of experience using USGI SAPI, USGI steel plates, and multiple IIIA systems. I can make recommendations regarding all of those.

Here's a question to ask yourself: "What is my threat level and what will I be using the armor system for?"

Will you be patrolling on foot, standing a post, or operating from a vehicle? Or...are you doing training classes and want a little added peace of mind? Or...is it for personal protection and home defense? What you will be using the system for will greatly impact your equipment requirements.

I use Beez Combat Systems for my soft armor carriers. Check this out:


I especially love their BCS-B-LBAV...

With SPEAR armor inserts, it provides excellent protection and it's thin enough so you can "armor up" and run a 'commando' chest rig / plate carrier (EX: http://www.blackhawk.com/product/STRIKE-Commando-Recon-Chest-Harness,721,83.htm). The shoulder straps on the BCS-B-LBAV are double-layered and heavy stitched. The 4 side straps are also very heavy duty. The 2 elastic straps per side really helps the vest contour to your body better, keeping the armor closely fit to your body. BCS has excellent customer service that is second to none. Plus, they do custom carriers. You can send them tracings of your armor and they will make you a vest to fit it. Or, if you already have armor, like a SPEAR vest, you can just order one of their vests off-the-shelf.

I hope these insights are helpful to you. Feel free to PM me if you have questions.

Semper Fi! --1911ShooterPhil