View Full Version : meprolight tru glo night sights for $20 comp rear sights for $35 fresno CA

09-11-2012, 12:53 PM
I just bought some meprolight night sights for my cz 75 p-01 at gilmay gun shop near Shaw and brawly. They cost around 120$ new so I thought they were a steal for only $20 for both front and rear.

They have them on their white tables near the front, they have a bunch of neat sights, truglo, comp adjustable sights, ect. for different handgun manufactures like glock, s&w, ruger, ect. so get them while suplys last!

they also have a few cool tac holsters for cheap.

Night sights were on my to-do list so I'm stoked! :D

Gilman gun, llc
4249. Shaw steel 102
Fresno CA 93722
559 271 7765