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09-11-2012, 6:47 AM
Hello Fellas,

We still have plenty of Blueprints for 60%-80% PCR's (DPMS LR-308 Pattern), these
Blueprints will work with and Including those for: QD-308's, TM-308, and Colfax
Forged 308's.

These are perfect for home/personal builds and for people who have access
to a basic benchtop or larger milling machine or a high quality drill press w/ a
cross slide vise combo etc.

With these Blueprints you won't need to purchase a Jig if you don't want
to, anyone with some basic blueprint reading and machining skills can pro-
duce a quality home built finished product.

Each Blueprint comes with a seperate print for drill/mill location points,
these prints are specifically designed for the home/personal builder(s).

We are working on making a Jig for the QD-308 80%'s, since no one has
yet to produce a Jig for this popular 80% PCR...

We also have Blueprints for the Mil-Spec Pattern AR-15 80% "Lowers".

Print sets are printed on ANSI size B (11" x 17") paper stock. Perfect
for the Home/Private builder.

DPMS LR-308 Pattern prints are $20 per set delivered.
AR-15 Mil-Spec Pattern prints are $18 per set delivered.

We will also be offering basic engraving service(s) for your 60% to 80%
AR-15, AR-10 and DPMS LR-308 Pattern "Lowers"...

The engraving will be $50 w/ return shipping Included to the lower 48

The "Lowers" can be either "in the white" or in a anodized state, but
must still be in a 80% or less form to be engraved, It will meet or exceed
ATF/BATF regulations for minimum engraving depth of .003" . The engraving
will be done with a Diamond tipped engraver set @ a minimum .005" to .006"
engraving depth. This is one of the most difficult and teadious operation(s)
for the Home/Private Builder when completing a build.

Only basic Information is needed on your 80% build like:

Name/Company Name of the Builder.
Location where the builder finished or will be finishing the build.
"Serial Number" or a number that can be Identified as/by the builder.
A Caliber Designation or It can be listed as "Multi-Cal." .
A "Model Number" is Optional.

Of course most 80% or less PCR's don't come with selector symbols or
markings like "Fire" & "Safe", so they will be Included if your 80%
PCR does not have that feature on your 60% to 80% PCR or "Lower".

Of course the only other thing that is needed is a return mailing/shipping
address and payment from the sender.




09-11-2012, 8:03 AM
Whats the cost on the blueprints?

09-11-2012, 8:44 AM
Whats the cost on the blueprints?

It's $20 which includes the blueprint set and delivery to lower 48 states
via first class mail service.

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"I will take a set" PM inbound 9/12/12 0357pst

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"I will take a set" PM inbound 9/12/12 0357pst

PM sent with requested Info.


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