View Full Version : Anyone use Surefire Adapters?

09-10-2012, 8:19 PM
I was browsing over the Surefire MR14A/B adapter and was curious if anyone mounted it on their SIG? Both my W. German models without rails sports a serial starting with 4, a 1990 model. Anyone tried them? I know it says if it's a 400,000 serial number (My first number of the first group is 4 then I'd think I'd be good), but some members say its better to measure the trigger guard like it says?


It's weird but on here it appears its meant only for the X series Surefires or can it take any 1913 rail light?

I have a M3 and saw EOTech markets a similar rail system for only 54 bucks but I couldn't find any decent reviews or pictures of it on the gun.