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09-10-2012, 9:15 AM
ALL SOLD Located in College Station, Free Land of Texas

I have some new to like new Spikes Tactical Bolt Carriers for sale. Bolt not included. 4 are Like New (They had no powder residue, but are blemished in some way). 6 are new with no cosmetic blemishes or wear. $95 shipped each. First come first serve. PM's take priority. Please let me know if you want insurance so I can calculate that in; otherwise delivery confirmation will be included.

The best looking carriers will be sent out first. There are some with the older, less prominent spider logo and some with the more prominent logo as pictured. Some are darker or lighter than others. You may request which type you want. All are equal in quality, durability, and performance.


3 left

09-12-2012, 7:58 PM