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Thread UPDATED 10-19-12
Ok, I have moved my remaining items to this thread to clean it up a bit. I have also added a few new things. These are all spare parts I've obtained along the way. Prices listed do NOT include shipping. Shipping will be the cheapest way by Priority Mail flat rate or parcel post if you're nearby in California. Please email/PM with any questions. Time stamp of the "I'll take it" whether by post, email, or PM wins the item. Sorry the pics are kinda crappy, but all I have right now is my cell phone camera since my digital one broke… If you need a better pic of something, please ask.


1. FAB Defense recoil asorbing stock. This M4 style stock fits stamped fixed stock receiver AK's and does an awesome job of taming the recoil. Very little use and appears as new. My wife liked shooting with this one as it's adjustable and reduces recoil. $65 SOLD
2. Romanian laminate buttstock with hardware. Normal Romanian finish with sling swivel & buttplate. $15 SPF
3. Hardwood buttstock of unknown origin. No hardware and has "CRIC" engraved on side. $15 SPF
4. Re-finished Romanian buttstock. This came in a group of items I purchased and was nicely redone in a deep wine color. No hardware included. $15
5. Draganov style buttstock. Excellent condition and comes with hardware (buttplate & sling swivel) $35
6. This is a set of upper/lower handguards that came in a lot I purchased. Appear to be painted, but have a beautiful wine finish and are in excellent shape! $30
7. Lot of (5) pistol grips. One bulgarian and four romanian. $5 each or all for $20
8. US made gas piston, not marked but new. $8
9. Rear recoil assembly links. Good for replacing worn ones or sacrificing for a guide rod build. $5 each BOTH SPF
10. Black plastic oil bottle. $3 or free with first purchase over $20 GONE
11. Used recoil spring. $5 SOLD
12. 1000m rear sight. $10
13. Ultimak model M1-B. This unit looks brand new and comes with all hardware. I received it mounted on a rifle I purchased. $70 SPF to victorr
14. (2) pistol grip screws. One has large head, unsure what type and one has a very slight bow, but usable. $3 each or both for $5
15. Folding hinge adapter for AR stock. $25
16. AR stock adapter for fixed stock stamped AK's. New and undrilled for retaining screws. $35
17. (2) trigger guards. One complete for $20 and one missing rivet and spring for $15. No selector stops included. Complete one SOLD
18. Two RSB's. Both complete with rear sights. The one on a barrel stub has small part of gas tube locking lever broken off (included for re-weld). $20 for top one, $15 for bottom one.
19. AK74 style gas block in very good condition. $15
20. Russian Krink booster cone. No markings, but chromed line in excellent condition. $50


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BTT. Feel free to make offers on any remaining items...

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BTT with new items!

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BTT with an updated list. Also some new things added.

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I'll take the Ultimak if still available.