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09-08-2012, 6:07 PM
I went to the range with my son who carries a GLOCK 19. This was my first time ever to shoot a pistol. We rented a GLOCK 26 for me to try. I shot both the 19 and the 26 Gen 3. I liked the 26 best. He is an excellent shot and was pleasantly surprised and very pleased with Mom's first time at the range.

2nd time at range I rented the 26 again and only shot the 26 this time. After shooting maybe 20 rounds, he got a target that he said was for used testing with pink body shape on it with oblong rings around the inside of the body. He told me to shoot for the center but to make sure that nothing went outside of the 7 ring. I shot from a range of 3, 7, & 15 meters like he said I would have to do for the test. He said I would need to score 225 out of 300 to pass. He pulled the target back in, counted the shots and said that I scored 280. That sounds great but this was not timed and the test will be.

I am considering purchasing a GLOCK 26 Gen 4. Before I do, I have a question that I hope someone can answer for me. Each time after leaving the range, I noticed that I had a bruise on the top of my thumb knuckle (nearest the hand). I know that I need to strengthen my fingers and hands because I sometimes have trouble loading the magazine, especially the last two rounds. On one hand I figure that if I am shooting the way I have in just 2 times at the range, the GLOCK 26 must be OK for me but what is causing the bruising? Is it that it is too large for me (4'11" w/small hands) or is it that I just need to strengthen my hands. I don't want to put that kind of money into something that is not right for me.

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Hi, welcome to the forum! First, let me say, I think it is awesome that you are getting into shooting, and wish you the best of luck.

For many smaller people, glocks can be difficult to get used to. The grips are wide, and the guns are top heavy and bulky. A correct grip can be difficult to learn, as I will not be able to explain the best grip for you over the internet, I can only suggest that you ask a firearms instructor or have a private lesson. I have a feeling that your bruise is related to your grip. If you actually do feel it is too large for you, you may want to try out another firearm, there are plenty of compact 9mm's with (I think) better ergonomics.

I hope I could answer some questions.

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try a smith and wesson .357 lady smith.

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welcome to the forum.

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Welcome aboard.

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Welcome aboard and congrats on your score! With regard to the bruising, try using gloves and see if it helps.

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When I tried holding Glock VS similar type guns it was clear the Glock was one for me.

Bear in mind Glocks were invented for full size 20-something adult male police and military personal.

What I'm trying to say is you should try at least gripping a few different brands of gun, side by side, at your local gun shop or rent a couple guns besides Glocks. Some will just feel more right than others in your hands.

If this is for in-the-home Home Defense consider a .22lr auto pistol like Ruger or Bersa if you have hard time with quick follow up shots due to relatively hard kicking 9mm.

09-08-2012, 9:24 PM
Welcome, I would rent other brands and other calibers before buying. Sounds like you shot good with a gun that might be a tad to large for your small hands now imagine what your score will be with a gun that fits you perfect.

Eddy's Shooting Sports
09-08-2012, 9:29 PM
I have a customer that is just like you, 60+, <5ft petite, and very small. She bought an S&W 63 3" 22LR and loves it. Although not the best choice for self defense, its dirt cheap to shoot and she loves it.....

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Thanks so much for all the tips! Although the GLOCK felt good when I was shooting it and I felt that I had great control, to me the bruising is a sign of something not quite right. Think I will go today and try something other than the glock and see how they feel.

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SoCal Bob
09-09-2012, 8:21 AM
Welcome to Calguns. Springfield makes the XD series of handguns that are very similar to Glocks but contain just enough differences that they might be a good alternative for you. They are pretty common so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding one to rent at a range.

There is a noticeable difference in recoil between a 9mm and a .40 S&W so make sure that any you rent are the 9mm so you can get a true comparison to the G26.

Here is a link to Springfield: http://www.springfield-armory.com/xd.php?model=2

Hickok45 has some comparison videos, here is one where he compares the G27 to an XD (the G27 is the .40 S&W version of the G26): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk6zDGFqhgQ

If you haven't seen any of his videos, Hickok45 is a good ole boy who does shooting videos that are informative and fun to watch.

Good luck with your search.

09-09-2012, 8:46 AM
Welcome and congrats on some good first time shooting. As a few others have said you should check out a couple of other brands of guns. My suggestion is check out the Ruger SR9c it has a thinner grip for smaller hands and in my opinion is just as good as its higher priced competitors. As for the bruising I would have to see your grip but if your rapping 1 thumb over the other that could be it. I hope you find a gun that suits you. Be safe and have fun.

09-09-2012, 8:50 AM
Is there any other pain associated with the bruising? No other tendernesss or swelling? Is it on the knuckle of the hand holding the gun or the other hand?

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Welcome! If I understand where you described the bruise, I'd say it's what most people call 'slide bite' although most, including me, get nicks and scrapes instead of a bruise, so that might not be it, but that's my guess.

It comes from your hand flexing a little too much and the slide hits it. The BEST part is the Gen4 Glock will have 3 different sized grip adapters changing to the smaller one will probably relieve the problem. And as you said it will be better when some strength builds up. Also don't pay attention to people suggesting you get a small caliber girlie gun. There are lots of women shooting 40 & 45 and love it.

09-09-2012, 11:51 AM
Welcome to CGN!

I'm not a big Glock fan and would advise you to shop around and try a lot of different makes and models before buying a Glock. I do happen to be a fan of .22lr and will suggest that you get at least one .22lr handgun to compliment whatever centerfire handgun you end up with. .22lrs are very economical to buy and shoot and will help you to be a much better shooter than just practicing with an expensive centerfire gun.

09-09-2012, 12:24 PM
Welcome abroad. Keep in mind there are revolvers too. They may require some getting used to but they're great. Easy to maintain and you can load .357 or .38 in them.

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Welcome to the board... It is hard to break the norm where people in Komifornia in general are "Afraid" of firearms.. Arm away... and good luck with your new found hobby.

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welcome, a uplula magazine loader might help with loading the mags and get rid of the sore thumb. you can generally find them on amazon for about $25


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Welcome to Calguns!

It should be noted that the Gen4 Glocks are not on the CA Roster.

While that does not make them illegal to get it does make them harder to acquire. Used pistols bought PPT are not required to be on the roster. You could also look into Single Shot Exemptions (SSE)

I agree with the above get an uplula to help with loading!

09-09-2012, 6:05 PM
As another member said small sub compact guns are harder to operate and have more recoil/kick vs a full size pistol. Also in regards to loading a Lula universal loader will be much easier on your hands. A slimmer framed single stack 9mm maybe a better fit. Check out the Kahr CW9 very light weight, very affordable, excellent reliability and operates just like a Glock. I take it your son is in the Military or LEO, so he can instruct you properly to fire, stand, malfunction clearing etc, but taking a couple of advance classes later on will only make you a better shooter. Welcome to CalGuns.
A couple of links for the Kahr and Lula



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Welcome to CalGuns.

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Welcome Aboard!:hurray:

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Welcome aboard! One of the first things I bought for my range bag was the mag loader. If I lose that I'd be PO'ed.

Good luck with your future rentals and hope you find something that fits you like a glove. After that watch your wallet! ;)

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09-11-2012, 12:47 AM
First off, welcome to the forum. My wife is small I stature and shoots the Walther PPS and (hate to be "that guy") the S&W Shield with great results. The PPS also has the adjustable back straps. If you like the Glock trigger you might want to,look at Walther's P99 QA. I have two of them and love them. Keep shooting different ones until you find the one that fits you best. Good luck.

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Cowboy T
09-11-2012, 8:31 AM
Welcome to the board!

If you're looking for something "Glock-ish", but more comfortable for smaller hands, consider Ruger's SR9 series. They tend to be rather slimmer than Glocks, but still retain the magazine capacity. There are two versions, the original "full-size" SR9 and the compact SR9c.

My paws are kinda big, so Glocks fit me pretty well, especially the Glock 21 in .45 ACP, my favorite of their pistols. But I've had my cameralady (small hands) shoot my SR9, which she seems to rather like. A buddy bought an SR9c for his very tiny, but spunky as heck, daughter, and she loves it. If they have one there, consider trying it out as well.

As others have suggested, don't forget about the revolvers. The two major "lightweight, carry" players are the S&W J-frame and the Ruger LCR. Try both as well if you can (I personally favor the LCR, since it fits my hand better). If this piece will not be for carrying, then consider any of the following:

Ruger SP-101, GP-100, Security-Six
Smith & Wesson Models 19, 65, 66, 586, or 686

All of these are chambered for .357 Magnum and will also happily shoot the lighter-powered (and cheaper) .38 Special all day, every day, for the next 200 years...assuming humans live that long. :-)

09-12-2012, 9:54 PM
I think that uplula magazine loader will definitely help you.
And if you like G26 - just buy it and have a fun!

09-12-2012, 10:05 PM
I think that uplula magazine loader will definitely help you.
And if you like G26 - just buy it and have a fun!

I let a friend try my G27 the other day and she loved it. If the 26 feels right, go for it.

Also ++ for the Uplula loader. Takes all the pain out of loading magazines.

09-14-2012, 10:06 PM
Welcome aboard! Congrats on getting into the hobby!

many great suggestions have been made. Here are two more: read and ask in the handguns subforum here (many don't look into the "new here" area for Qs to A); also, as has been said already 22LR is a small caliber for defensive purposes so you could also consider 22WMR which is the same size bullet but has just a bit more punch.

movie zombie
09-14-2012, 10:28 PM
welcome and remember: you can have more than one pistol!

i wouldn't get too hung up on caliber at this point.

don't forget to look at the smith and wesson model 60.
caliber .38/.357 and an easy revolver for small hands as it is a j-frame but not a "light weight" so recoil isn't as much of an issue. i do not like the "light/air weight" alloy frames. i want metal in my hands.

a county sheriff once told me more people are killed by .22 caliber than any other. why? because they practice with it. and probably more people own it as well! however, the idea is that any caliber is better than no caliber.....and a caliber that you practice with is going to be the caliber best when you need it.

the nice thing about the .38/.357 revolvers is you can practice with lighter load .38's.

again, welcome! and happy shopping/shooting! i've been doing a bit of that myself: see my threads in the Ladies Forum. its good to have another woman onboard!

09-14-2012, 10:29 PM
Welcome aboard. You will find a wealth of useful experience here. I am pleased to hear that another woman is arming herself, and the world will be a safer place because of it. Also, I am a big fan of Glock. They have never failed on me at the range. I also love my Subcompact Glock 27 (.40 cal)

I think you are going in the right direction. Keep in mind that the smaller the frame of the gun, the bigger kick your hand will get. The bigger the frame of the gun, the smaller the kick.

Have you tried the Glock 17 ? It is a full size frame Glock 9mm. All my sister n' laws have them and swear by them. They are a little bulky, but easier on the woman's hands.

If you are looking for something for travel, say when you are hiking outdoors, or tent camping in the wilderness, consider the smaller framed guns for comfort carry (check out pistolwear.com (http://www.pistolwear.com/ProductDetail.jsp?LISTID=ia1321496070781)).

I just bought a small frame Ruger 9mm. Waiting for my 10 days to go up so I can go pick it up. Can't wait.

Good Luck....