View Full Version : WTS/TT SR25 extras. SOLD PENDING FUNDS

09-07-2012, 7:00 PM
Greets all.

Bought an older KAC sr25 barrel with the hope of re profiling it. Blasphemous I know, just too damned heavy.

Thus, a few parts are not needed. It'd make for good replacement on your preban era SR, if you're building a MK11 style build, or possibly elsewhere.
if for some reason you need these, I would imagine op parts/kac would charge a bloody fortune. If they have them at all.

I'll answer any questions to the best of my ability about compatibility.(?) Please email or PM any questions.

The GB assembly. 100 shipped OBO.
Please note, the threading for suppressor is on the barrel itself, not the GB.
Will come with all needed parts should you choose to have someone thread yours.

Next is a 762 URX nut. 50shipped OBO.
I don't believe the newer rails swapped over to the new design. Either way, this will fit all 762 URXs.
It's steel(reusable), and fairly clean.

Taking trades. LMK.

Both for 135 shipped. Located in San Diego by way of Portland.

100+ in fb around the web.

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