View Full Version : A most excellent company to do business with!

Hayashi Killian
09-07-2012, 5:58 PM
After I contacted Riflegear and they brushed me off, I looked for other California businesses for an AR-15 in the configuration I wanted. Unfortunately most didn't carry Noveske gear, but ARchitects15 did.

I emailed the owner (who helpfully provides his contact information everywhere on his website), Mr. Hassan, and received a reply back in 30 minutes on a Friday night! I was most impressed by the response, the verbosity of the response, and the candor with which it was delivered.

Some of what I wanted was unavailable and I asked for alternatives and the owner helpfully gave me alternatives including some deals that were provided. He even specially ordered some parts he didn't have available in the construction of my AR-15 which delayed the end result a bit, but is well worth it for the price he gave me.

I was amazed at the prices he gave me for this, a good 10-15% cheaper than others were listing.

Seriously, this IS how a business should be run -- good prices, excellent service, and a willingness to tolerate pain-in-the-rears like me. I cannot recommend this company enough!

09-26-2012, 5:43 PM
Thank you! We'll be changing our web domain and will be updating the Calguns forum soon. Thanks for everyones patience and support during this transition!