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09-07-2012, 2:56 PM
Why buy from The Target Man???

- The Target Man plasma cuts their targets via CNC plasma cutter on a submersion table. Basically, half or more of the sheet is submerged in water as I am cutting, resulting in a dramatically reduced Heat Affected Zone (HAZ). Don't confuse a submersion table with a water table... water tables just means there is water under the piece being cut to catch the dust. A submersion table actually cools the targets! I can handle a 3/8" target with my bare hands about 3-5 seconds after the cut is complete. A laser cutter cannot say that!

- The Target Man only uses steel with a Brinnell Hardness of 500+. If the steel is under BHN 500, we simply will not use it.

- The Target Man strives to ship within 1 business delay whenever possible. If there is a delay for any reason, the buyer will be notified via PM or email.

- The Target Man is owned/operated by a Disabled American Veteran.

So, when purchasing, remember not all targets are created equal. There is a difference!