View Full Version : DTI 5.56 complete barreled assembly for sale

09-05-2012, 9:32 PM
Selling this to fund a project.

It's a 20" HBAR 1/9 barreled upper. Has seen a little over 1000 rounds, and hasn't quit on any ammo I'm aware of other than Tula white box (the black box and bear ammo work fine, and so does zinc plated steel and brass of course).

I'll include the matching bolt carrier assembly and charging handle as well as an ARMS 40 rear sight that's already dialed in.

The barrel has an A2 flash hider and A2 black rifle handguards installed. No mars or dings anywhere.

Asking $250. SOLD

I'll take money +/- for black Troy rear folding battlesight (since I'm looking for that) or an Aimpoint.

For people asking, DTI is a reseller/assembler. The barrel was made by Wilson, and is branded for DTI. The upper has a square forge mark, which is Cerro Metal Forge. The actual machine shop that finished the upper is unknown to me. This upper was part of a rifle kit, and is assembled and test fired by DTI. The bolt carrier assembly and all that will be included is also from DTI. The front sight base is F marked, and is "government" height.

I'm contacting people via PM and a line has formed.




09-05-2012, 10:21 PM
I'll take it