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09-04-2012, 8:00 PM
I don't own a shotgun (have 4 rifles and a handgun). I want to buy one.

I originally had my mind made up on the mossberg 500 combo from big 5 for $300 with both barrels. Seems to be a good deal. I've shot the 500, as well as another pump that I don't remember the brand of.

The other obvious contender is the Remington 870. A couple friends that have had both, as well as an acquaintance that's sold guns for 30 years who's opinion I value have recommended the 870 over the 500. As far as I can tell between the two guns it boils down to personal preference, and both would probably serve me fine (the mossberg would be a little cheaper with the 2 barrel deal).

Lately however, I've been intrigued with over/under shotguns. I haven't had a chance to shoot one (I've shot a 20ga single shot) but I am drawn to them for some reason. What are the best entry/mid level over/under models I should be looking at? Is there a 870/500 equivalent? I'd like to keep the price down, lets say up to $450ish. If I get a lot more gun for another 50-100 dollars though, I'd do it.

My use for the gun will be hunting and trap/skeet/clays. I don't know the difference between trap and skeep, but I've shot at clays that we launched ourselves out in the NF and it was awesome. I want to explore trap/skeet in the near future. I'm getting my hunting license this year and a friend/coworker has promised to take me out for some dove, ducks, geese. HD is not a primary concern, although the attraction of the mossberg combo was that I could slap the shorter barrel on when at home. Right now my 1911 sits on the nightstand, and I figure I can always get an 870 or 500 with the short barrel for a few hundred bucks down the road if I feel the need for a dedicated HD shotgun.


09-04-2012, 8:09 PM
If you really want to go the sporting direction than OU is a great choice, and they have a certain class to them.... My only argument for a 500 or 870 would be HD. But it sounds like you are willing to purchase another SG for HD purposes.

09-04-2012, 8:19 PM
Here is some info on the topic


09-04-2012, 8:20 PM
At that price point stick to the pump. An decent entry O/U would start somewhere in the grand range or thereabouts. There are cheaper O/U guns but they are cheap for a reason and not worth your money.

09-04-2012, 8:24 PM
I just purchased the same combo with both barrels from big 5 and I can't complain. I used my 28" for clay shooting and 18" for sluggs. I have two hundred shots and no hick ups with my mossberg. I am also wanting to get into hunting wanted to try dove but from what I've heard it's kinda hard to find a spot here I southern California. Either way you will make the right choice and have a blast shot guns are funn you feel them the next day I had a massive bruse after shooting 75 slugs. Good luck.

09-04-2012, 8:30 PM
Buy the 870. It will do it all. You will not regret it.

Down the road, buy an 18.5" barrell for HD. Later, if you decide you want an O/U, then buy a quality O/U (don't go cheap).

09-04-2012, 9:53 PM
^^^^^what he said^^^^^

09-05-2012, 9:57 AM
Check out CDNN. I got a Lanber 2087 for $550. It was $20 to ship and $60 for DROS and transfer. The Lanber has been a decent over under and I've put almost 2000 rounds thru it since I got it. I think I bought it in February. No problems at all. I did a review on it in this section. There are nicer guns out there, but bang for the buck, I'm extremely happy. I'm actually looking for a new short barrel for my 870 so I can convert it to HD and bring it out to the skeet field.

09-05-2012, 10:11 AM

Here's my review

09-08-2012, 4:33 PM
Thanks for all the info guys. I just DROSed a used 870 with the 28" barrel and wood stock from someone else on CG.

Will definitely be considering an over/under down the road.

09-08-2012, 8:02 PM

We're going to need pic's!!

09-08-2012, 8:13 PM
Didn't take any at the store, gotta wait 10 damn days.

09-08-2012, 8:48 PM
At that price point stick to the pump. An decent entry O/U would start somewhere in the grand range or thereabouts. There are cheaper O/U guns but they are cheap for a reason and not worth your money.

There are plenty of good (not great) pumps in that range. Buy something that is inexpensive but good rather than something that looks good but is cheaply made.

09-08-2012, 9:43 PM
Mossberg makes a pretty decent O/U, Silver Reserve. Most places list it for around 600. I bought mine used for 450. So far after 2 years of Dove hunts and clays it has held up well and doesnt feel cheap at all. I would say the fit and finish is pretty good for an entry level O/U. The biggest difernce I noticed is how differently the O/U swings than my pump when out shooting. Good luck with your new gun!