View Full Version : rentable gantry crane or back hoe or fork lift?

09-04-2012, 12:46 PM
Okay guys, Im in zipcode 91977 / 91978, and recently got ANOTHER lathe, one of the OLD American Iron units, seller had a fork lift, and was able to place it into the trailer. Now comes the hard part, how to get it off the trailer at the house. Approx weight is known to be about 1800lbs. The weight un-luckily isn't even, with quite a bit more over on the headstock / drive side.

I was going to rent a 2 ton engine hoist, and since I can get the lathe placed onto the trailer in such a way that the 2 ton can slide up to the trailer and then the 2 ton can lift the lathe just enough so the trailer can be pulled out from under the lathe. I DONT plan on trying to move the lathe while it is elevated, I believe dropping it onto a palate so a palate jack can move the lathe into the garage, or potentially use the rolling pipe under the one end.

I've also thought about renting a 1 ton gantry, or a 2 ton gantry, I know I cant buy one, I've been told maybe from wood, one could be built for about 100 bucks of wood or so, but I'm really just trying to figure this out. I had a friend with a backhoe, but loss of work forced them to sell everything and move out of state.

Their isn't a lot of industry around my house (Spring Valley, Case De Oro) but there is some, someone has to know someone that wants to make a 100 quick bucks for 15 minutes of backhoe/ fork lift work? Or, at the least, anyone want to rent one of the harbor freight gantry cranes?

Thanks in advance.


09-04-2012, 3:47 PM
Call a tow truck, with a boom, not a flatbed.