View Full Version : Thompson Violin Case *** SOLD ***

Evil Dog
09-03-2012, 9:55 PM
*** SOLD ***

The T30 Thompson Violin Case. Their description is..... "Pamper your Thompson classic with this impressive carry case. Made of vinyl coated presswood and lined completely with a high quality dense foam, it will capture the attention (and envy) of all who see it. With an overall length of 3'6", this case will accommodate one gun, one drum and extra magazines. Gold hardware with keyed lock. Dimensions:43"Lx15.5"Wx3.75"D"


This case is brand new... still in the original shipping box. Currently retails for $221.00 plus shipping from Auto-Ordnance. I'll take $150.00 for it FTF near Victorville or plus shipping. Not particularly interested in any trades other than a Thompson L-drum rebuild kit.