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08-31-2012, 8:05 PM
Old title "F/S: PSA 14.5 M4A1 Carbine Premium CL Upper W/BCG & CH - Trades Welcome!"

So I have here today is a barely used but used PSA 14.5" M4A1 Premium Chrome Lined Upper with complete Bolt Carrier Group and charging handle, chambered in 5.56 NATO with a carbine DI-gas length system. Everything is stock except for the extra free hand guard, which seems to be a replica KAC RASII (I've no idea, I got it for free at an estate sale). I have put exactly 100 rounds through this upper with no real problem. With that said, the only incident that I had was a fail-to-ignite cartridge. Not to worry, it was the cartridge that was the issue -- the primer of the cartridge was defective, and if it makes any difference, the cartridge was a TulAmmo .223 bi-metal. Anyway, while the barrel length is 14.5", it is a little over 16" with the flash hider installed (not sure if it's an A2 standard). So no worries about the NFA! Moreover, I had bought and received this upper in early July and received mid July, tested it early August, and it has been sitting in storage ever since.

-16" Barrel length (14.5 Carbine Length)
-FN Barrel
-Chrome moly vanadium barrel
-5.56 Nato Chamber
-1 in 7" twist rate
-Chrome-lined bore
-High Pressure Tested & Magnetic Particle Inspected Barrel
-M4 Feed ramps
-F Marked Front sight post
-A2 Flash Hider (Or equivalent)
-Sight Post Sling Loop
-Carbine Hand Guards w/ heat sheilds
-Forged upper receiver
-T-Marked Top Tail
-Complete Bolt Carrier Group
-Forged Charging Handle

The only reason that this upper is premium is due to the barrel and NOTHING else. The barrel is made by FN-Herstal, and according to PSA, the way that this is known are the markings on the barrel, which have "Palmetto" engraved onto them. This barrel is not the HF, Hammer-Forged barrel.

Picture Gallery:

So now that you've taken a look at the pictures, I would like to point out a few things. There are bits of wear on the upper, as you probably have already noticed. These spots of wear and the like include the delta ring and the top of the upper's rail. With all of this said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this upper. It comes configured with great spec components and is ready to bolt on for use.
Now I know what you're thinking. Why is this guy selling a great upper? Well while it is great upper, I just don't really have a need for it. The only reason why I got it was because it was on sale, and going through a brief moment of depression, I saw a "need" to buy something spur-of-the-moment. It worked. So this upper is for sale to make funds to upgrade my 6.8SPC instead!

-$435 Shipped OBO (SOLD)
-Will only accept a trade that is valued at $150 with a payment purchase of $300. Meaning that while my price is at a semi-flexible $435, it actually has a trade value of $450. So if you offer a trade that is valued at $150 (no higher), you will knock off $150 off of the trade value ($450). Then you will be only paying $300 in addition to your trade for my item(s). With that said, here are the only things that I will accept for trade are

Carbine Free Float Quad-Rail Hand Guard (RAS, RIS, etc)
Mid-Length Free Float Quad-Rail Hand Guard (RAS, RIS, etc)

Payment Options:
-PayPal Only

-Either UPS Ground or USPS, either with tracking