View Full Version : Midsouth Shooters Supply Promo Code for No HazMat fee on orders greater than $250

08-31-2012, 9:09 AM
click here for details (http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=t6kw7ieab&v=001lHVgzoeiv3zL9OU3SsuibEZn_Mt5iVuovuJxAI7_CMrrC Uk5MYkH6SbO3SE2kORf9VaAPY9s9yYvMCiJ2QYEtV33qG_l6Zg 0alioOjo5q9K0HBRPrd9EfQ%3D%3D)

Just picked up 8# of TG and 8# of Varget for $275 shipped! As a bonus, their prices on these two items are better than Grafs, my usual go-to supplier.