View Full Version : WTS Criterion M1 Garand Barrel *SPF*

06-22-2007, 4:32 PM
OK.. Here we go.. I'm selling a Criterion M1 Garand barrel.. It is used! Maybe 150rnds down the tube. The finish looks new except for a few rub marks in the appropriate places. Price is $100 + $10 shipping. The reason I'm selling it is because I found a new GI barrel to take it's place on my WRA receiver.. BUT ALSO I couldn't get it to group well at all.. you MAY have better luck...

Now to sweeten the pot a tad.. if someone local wants the barrel and will do a FTF at my house. the price will be $100 AND I'll install the barrel for free.. ALL you need to do is to bring the $$$ of course, and your receiver and gas cylinder you wil be using as well as the bolt. First I'LL TAKE IT' via PM's gets it....

06-22-2007, 4:44 PM
Thats easy I'll take it...

06-22-2007, 5:05 PM
Put me 2nd. "Couldn't get it to group well?" Maybe ammo? Was it keyholing or?

06-22-2007, 6:07 PM
nope, no keyholing.. I just couldn't get it to group to my requirements....

06-22-2007, 6:08 PM
SPF to Cali-V