View Full Version : AR10A4 Carbine kit - Milled to fit HAR25 w/ DPMS mags.

06-22-2007, 1:06 PM

I have a Armalite AR10A4 carbine kit that I got from another Cg member. It is in very good condition. You get the complete upper with BCG and T handle as well as the Armalite factory M4 stock specifically for the AR10 with correct buffer and spring. Total round count is less than 60. I was going to make a Noveske CQB clone, but other things need my attention.

The upper was professionally milled by Gunrunner's ($100 modification) on the inside so you can use a HAR25 lower and DPMS mags, or the AR10 mag set up should work also. It should be a plug and play if you already have a HAR25 lower. Note, the stock assy is unused.

$725 shipped or $715 FTF in Venice during the day.
Thanks for looking

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