View Full Version : I need help on what .45 i should buy and why. sig p220 or hk .45/ usp?

08-30-2012, 11:03 AM
I'm pretty set on the Sig p220 and the hk 45 or usp. I have shot both and and I like both, but I can only afford one at the moment. Please let me know what you think. I have done a bunch of research on these 45s and I know they are both great shooters and very reliable but I also know someone out there can give me a reasons why I should buy one over the other. :confused: I just need a quality 45 for hd and the range. Not for ccw.

Thanks, wftw

08-30-2012, 11:05 AM
If you shot both, why wouldn't you pick the one you shot better or liked shooting better? I'm sure you could get 100 posts here saying one is better or the other is, but when it comes down to it, doesn't it only matter what you thought when you tried them?

08-30-2012, 11:12 AM
Very true, I plan on getting both eventually. I wanted to see if anyone out there had any long term issues with these 45s. Like ftf or fte issues or something of that nature.

I'm sure I can learn to shoot eather one great. If one was to go to war what would you have on you hip between the two? I love German engineering and both are great combat ready 45s

Any input would be helpful, especially people that own these two.


08-30-2012, 11:19 AM
For the range, just pick the one you like more. They're equal in terms of reliability and accuracy from my experience.

For a carry gun, I'd lean slightly towards the HK because of magazine capacity and weight.

08-30-2012, 11:33 AM
I've owned and carried both, my personal choice is the Sig. The USP is a big gun and that was my only issue with it. No problems with function or reliablity with either of them. So it really comes down to personal choice.

08-30-2012, 11:38 AM
If you want one for HD just go get a G21 or G20 :innocent:

08-30-2012, 11:43 AM
Very true, I plan on getting both eventually.

Go to your FFL buy the one in stock. Flip a coin if both in stock or none in stock.

08-30-2012, 11:54 AM
If you're going to get both eventually anyways, get whichever you can find now or get a better deal on. Both are excellent options. If you have the extra coin for the HK45, it may not be a bad idea to get that, as who knows if we'll be able to do SSE forever, or if it may at least get more costly if we have the whole Class 7 FFL/federal tax thing become required for SSE. The HK45 was also the most reliable gun yet tested on Pistol Training Archives, you should check out the report. I personally own both Sigs and HKs, and i like them both!

08-30-2012, 12:27 PM
buy the one that you can afford right now. then buy the other later :)

08-30-2012, 12:28 PM
I"m an avid .45 acp shooter,have both of these fine pistols. I'm constantly torn between the two. I first bought my Sig and absolutly fell in love with her! No issues, no ftf/fte with every ammo I could find. Then, I laid eyes on a HK USP and to have her as well! The Sig gets my vote for a first gun due to the more concealable package.

08-30-2012, 12:43 PM
If you are split between the two, go for the USP since it has a higher mag capacity.

(Yes, I'm aware you can purchases extended mags for the Sig, but they stick out and it's not a good comparison).

08-30-2012, 12:46 PM
I'm leaning towards the hk 45 over the ups 45. I like the p30 look more then the usp.

The p220 keeps screaming at me tho with all its full metal glory.

But I don't have a poly framed handgun and I have always wanted to take that leap.

08-30-2012, 12:55 PM
West German p220. Feels great, shoots great, has a great history and is reliable as them come.

Both the HK and SIG are great guns though. Choose whichever you like the feel of better.

far from tactical
08-30-2012, 5:27 PM
If I would go for a 45 I would head over to a p220

08-31-2012, 4:46 PM
The HK USP 45 has a larger magazine capacity (10 or 12 rds) than the Sig P220 (8 rds).

However, the Sig has a nicer trigger in my opinion, especially the Sig with the SRT. Also, the USP has a strange rail which will require an adaptor (sold by GG&G) if you want to mount a non HK light or laser.

08-31-2012, 5:35 PM
HK45. 1 stoppage out of 50,000 rounds.

Edit: Not HK USP 45 but HK45.

08-31-2012, 7:18 PM
Get the Sig because HK hates you and you suck! :D

08-31-2012, 7:23 PM
Both great guns but i reach for my p220 for hd cuz it has a laser. Cant mount worth a damn on the USP.

I'd only bring my USP to a competition cuz of the cock-n-lock option and the lower recoil characteristics.

08-31-2012, 7:30 PM
Just so you know. Unlike the USP 45, HK45 features a standard light rail.

08-31-2012, 7:52 PM
Just so you know. Unlike the USP 45, HK45 features a standard light rail.

it's a great gun but not on Cal approved list and not the OP's original requirements.

08-31-2012, 8:08 PM
get the hk
sigs are only fun if they are 9mm

08-31-2012, 8:16 PM
have both w german sig and hk. both are solid but i prefer the HK if size isnt an issue for you. i prefer staggered mags over single stack :)

08-31-2012, 8:22 PM
I have shot both, and they are both great guns. I was very impressed how reliable and accurate they are. Buy either one if you will eventually buy both.

08-31-2012, 8:24 PM
it's a great gun but not on Cal approved list and not the OP's original requirements.

I hear ya. You already know that we can SSE off-list. Just want to show OP more options.

08-31-2012, 8:32 PM
Just get a 1911! Oh wait, it is not on your list ;)

09-01-2012, 11:36 AM
I am not sure the quality is in a sig.

09-01-2012, 11:39 AM
i hoard mags, sig mags are cheaper and it's easier to shoot accurately because the trigger isnt gummy like HK's

i'd spend money on an SSE HK45 over the usp45; the ergonomics are far superior to anything else i've ever felt .

09-01-2012, 12:55 PM
Just get a 1911! Oh wait, it is not on your list ;)

it should be on his list...........he just doesn't know it yet.......

09-01-2012, 3:33 PM
it should be on his list...........he just doesn't know it yet.......

A 1911 is on my to do list but I'm not lookin for a safe queen. If I were to get one it would be an les bear or Wilson, but that's another sorry. I need an out of the box reliable, German made 45. I'll be shooting the non usp hk 45 in two days and I think that will be the test. If all is good that day I think I'll go hk and if any ftf or fte happens its back to the drawling boards aka find a p220 to try out again. I just don't want to regret my $1000+ perches.:confused:

09-01-2012, 5:07 PM
Random response in no particular order:
If you're talking USP, I'd get a compact. 8 or 10 rounds but a grip similar to the HK45, which is much better, in my opinion. It might even be a bit softer shooting than the full size and conceals better.
I do like the take down lever on the P220 vs the pin on the USP/HK but I much preferred loading the HK mags except for the cost.
I've owned each of the USP and HK both in full size and compact. Once I went to the 1911 platform, only one I kept was the Sig P220 Combat that I still have. That was based on the rail and aesthetics only. If I had all of them in front of me right now, I'd still have a hard time picking which one I'd keep.

Feeding and reliability....any of the HKs
Conceal ability....HK compact or P220 carry if you can find one
Cost....USP or P220
Mag cost and availability....P220
Rail for light laser.....HK45 fs/c then Sig P220r then USP
Capacity.....USP FS
Aesthetics...HK45 fs
Ergonomics...HK45 fs or compact
Holster selection.....p220 no rail
Recoil...p220 stainless or HK compact
Weight (lighter)....HK compact or p220 alum frame
Ambi controls...HK with ambi lever
Grip texture/serations....HK45
Night Sights....p220
Trigger.....p220 with SRT and short trigger
Aftermarket (grips, guide rods, gunsmithing etc).....p220

If all things are equal to you, go with whatever you can get the best deal on with the most mags. They're all ultra reliable, retain value well and typically more accurate than the shooter. Eventually, you'll probably end up with at last one of each, end then move on to something else like 1911s or CZs or revolvers for variety.

09-01-2012, 5:47 PM
I think the hk45 is in the lead. Thanks for the helpful info.

09-01-2012, 6:19 PM
i've been a fan of the w german Sig Sauer P220 since the mid 1980s; i'm a believer.