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08-29-2012, 6:04 PM
Spec: savage 17hmr rifle, bolt action.

Some of the questions i have speculating before purchasing a 17hmr.

1) what type/brand of ammunition would you recommend for accurate 50/100 yd shots? grain?

2) Are there a specific brand that will do more harm to barrel than good? (ex: leaving lots of carbon than other brand of ammunition)

3) which brand would you recommend for hunting? clean kill ammunition v.s. TNT ammunition.

4) which type/brand of ammunition would you recommend for clean kills? (ex: hunting rabbits and squirrels.)

5) How much mods can i do?

I'd really appreciate it to hear Calgun's input. My decision will be based off your answers this week.

08-29-2012, 7:08 PM
nothing..??? anyone... lone ranger.

08-29-2012, 9:36 PM
The only way to know for sure which brand and/or grain is best is to shoot some different ones in your gun and see what it likes. Two Savage .17HMR's of the same model MAY like the same rounds but then again one may be more accurate with something different. There shouldn't be much variation as in some .22's but there will be some.

Once you have our rifle sighted in, a change in the bullet weight will alter your point of impact. Any of the hollow point rounds and especially the ballistic/polymer tip rounds will be very devastating on small game. They have very explosive properties.

What kind of mods are you thinking about? I just opted for a thumb-hole stock and an upgraded scope - from 3x9 to a 6x24. The trigger has had some work as well and is now lighter in pull, has less creep, and is more crisp.

The .17HMR is a very accurate and capable round easily out to 100 yards. It is also fun well past 100 yards but it has such a small and light bullet that it can be hard to know exactly what and/or where you are hitting. You certainly won't hear a lot of gong noise on the steel targets and the holes are so small that even with a spotting scope they are hard to see.

Good luck and have fun!!