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08-29-2012, 9:45 AM
Many of you guys know me from the store or Cal-FFL. I am running for NRA Board of Directors. I need 250 Signatures from NRA life members or 5 year consecutive annual members. The petition is available at www.tracyrifleandpistol.com (http://www.tracyrifleandpistol.com) . Please sign it and either mail or bring it in to the store. I need original signatures. If you can get a few from friends and family that will also be appreciated.

To My Fellow NRA Members and 2nd Amendment Supporters,

My name is Michael Baryla, I reside in Tracy, CA and I need your help to be elected to the NRA Board of Directors. If you have been an annual member for at least five consecutive years or are a life member I ask you sign this petition so that I can be put on the ballot.

As a long time California resident I have a deep respect and admiration for the beauty of our state. I also have a significant distaste for the current political climate. As the owner of a retail firearm store, Tracy Rifle and Pistol, not only are local politicians threatening my natural firearm rights but my livelihood as well.
I have been a long time member of Calguns.net where I go by PolishMike and I helped found Cal-FFL, an organization that fights for California based Federal Firearms Licensees. I am currently the treasurer of Cal-FFL. In the short time we have existed we have made several important strides in protecting the 2nd amendment in California.

Among other things we have:

∑ Played an integral part in defeating SB249 that would have made millions of rifles owned in California illegal to posses

∑ Petitioned the Office of Administrative Law to rule the CA DOJís Assault Weapons Permit application process is an underground regulation

∑ Sued Alameda County for civil rights violations relating to zoning of firearms businesses

As a NRA director I would continue to keep Californiansí rights in at the front of everything I do. I am not an Actor, I am not famous, but I am very in tune with the threats against the Second Amendment nationwide and especially in California.

Please go to www.tracyrifleandpistol.com (http://www.tracyrifleandpistol.com) to download a petition to fill out. You can bring it to Tracy Rifle and Pistol or mail to:
2726 Naglee Rd
Tracy, CA 95304

. Please remember only life members and annual members with 5 consecutive uninterrupted years of membership are eligible to sign this petition. All others can vote for me in February.
Thank You

Michael A. Baryla

10-17-2012, 8:05 AM
Thank you so far for the petitions. I have updated the letter on the website www.tracyrifleandpistol.com

These petitions need to be on legal paper so if you send me your address via the website I can send you a petition as well as a pre-paid return envelope.

We are almost there!