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*Pictures are of the actual home built completed rifle that will be de-milled (in order to legally be able to sell this as a parts kit) and shipped to your home address*

Hungarian SA-85 7.62x39 parts kit
Chrome Lined Original Barrel
ALL Matching Numbers
Tapco G2 Trigger
NEW Ironwood Design Handguard, Stock, and Pistol Grip
Maglock included

I am selling a Hungarian SA-85 7.62x39 AK variant Parts kit. This kit will contain all the necessary parts pictured here in order for you to build on your own AK receiver. I am missing 1 rear sling swivel screw, 1 trunnion/stock screw, and 1 safety stop. These 3 items can be purchased relatively easily and are sold by a few dealers online for minimal cost. The receiver will be destroyed to comply with the proper procedure in reverting a complete rifle to a parts kit. Please do not ask, I will not sell this rifle as a complete rifle. I built this rifle myself as a home build kit back in 2007 when complete AK style rifles were not easily/readily available here in CA due to lack of a magazine lock. I am not willing to take on the worry of liability of something happening down the road on a kit/rifle that I built and sold to someone else. Do not get me wrong, as a complete rifle in its current form, this item functions and runs without incident. I am not a professional AK builder, this was just a project that I enjoyed doing. I am not entirely proud of my rivet/finish job/receiver job , since this was my first time around, but other then that the parts of this rifle are as sound as when I received them. It is unfortunate that we live in a litigious society, but since we do, this item will be sold as a parts kit and I am not willing to except a premium price for the complete rifle. I am willing to provide additional pictures or answer any questions if needed in order for you to be 100% sure this item is for you.

Asking $525 + $15 shipping (Priority shipping and insurance included)

Please contact me via PM for any questions or comments. Please do not garbage my WTS thread with comments not related to you purchasing my item. Thank you.


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Relative cheap and easy to find 3 missing screws/parts:
The safety selector stop, and 2 different screws were priced at Brownells.com:

Rear Sling Swivel Screw 430-000-400WB $3.49
AK SELECTOR STOP 100-006-767WB $7.99
Buttstock Screw, Wood 430-000-397WB $2.09