View Full Version : Browning T-Bolt 17HMR Sporter???

08-28-2012, 9:18 PM
Hi all, any thoughts on this rifle - specifically the T-bolt?
For small game and Varmint hunting.

Thanks for the info!


08-29-2012, 7:24 AM
While mine is the Varmint model in .22lr, the function is the same. I've owned lots of .22 rifles and handguns. Hands down, the T-bolt not only outshoots them all..even my match barreled Contender..but does so out to 300+ yards. A very nice bit of walnut on it certainly helps in the looks dept.

The magazine is simple and easy to load, but what makes it more unique is the ability to UN-load quickly and safely with no damage to the rounds. Speed of the bolt is very quick, and while the adjustable trigger is a bonus, it cannot be lightened enpough for me. Let off is snappy, but only after a pull that, FOR ME, is awful heavy. Somewhere in the 2-4lb range. I like my triggers measured in ounces :) I did take the trigger assembly apart, and tweaked it more than the factory allows, but it still is "heavy" to me. Crisp and predictable, but relatively heavy when I'm used to 4oz and 6oz triggers on my centerfire varmint guns. Your results may please you.

Regardless of that, accuracy is wonderful, no matter what brand or weight of bullet it shoots...except the real lightweight extreme speed ammo, that it does not like, but it doesn't shoot good in most guns anyway. Keeping most ammo well under an inch at 50yds, and the good stuff under 1/2" at 50yds, the 300yd 4" gong is a regular victim of mine.

Like all Brownings, it is beautifully finished. Too beautifully finished, as I cringe at every new tiny ding or scratch I get on it. The wood to metal match is very nice...and should be for that price..while balance and fit is near perfect for me. Despite being the varmint barrel, it is easily carried into the squirrels fields for many miles and hours with no fatigue. 3-4 magazines fit in my front pocket, with another two boxes of .22's in the other.

Cheapest magazines I have found are here: http://www.inventorycheap.com/browning