View Full Version : S&W 457, your thoughts

Write Winger
08-28-2012, 7:50 PM
I had a job at today at this guy's house and it was obvious from first walking in that he was a gunnie. He ended up showing me everything he had (muzzle loaders, civil war repeaters, AR, M1 Garand, 1911...) but what stuck out the most was the S&W 457. I really liked... well... everything about it without shooting. Anyone own one? I'd love one for concealed carry.

Mr. Beretta
08-28-2012, 10:01 PM
I had it's stainless cousin, a 4516.

I have small hands. The grip never felt good in my hand. It wasn't too wide, it was the distance from the front strap to the rear was too long. Just couldn't get my hand in the right position when shooting.

Sold the gun for a loss IIRC. I liked the compact size and the caliber but I just couldn't get use to the grip.

08-28-2012, 10:37 PM
I've got one. It was the first handgun I bought when I turned 21, 12 years ago or so. I've shot thousands of rounds and I literally can't remember having a ftf or fte. I like shooting it - it's accurate enough and hefty so the small size doesn't really result in a big kick. All the reviews I've read over the years kinda agree that it was underrated and a good value. I wouldn't ever sell it, but then again I don't like the idea of selling any of my guns!

08-29-2012, 10:59 AM
It was the gem in the S&W Economy line