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08-28-2012, 3:55 PM
So I've been googling and looking through various threads and still confused about the order of profiles according to weight.

I'm guess the pencil profile is the lightest, at 1.45 lb.

then lighter profile? 1.6 lb.

what about PSA 16'' Hammer-forged CMV Mid-length Lighter-profile?
is this the same 16" lighter profile?

and Mid-Length Light Profile Premium Madness - 16'' CMV Chrome-Lined?

heavier than lighter?

I'm ok with a 14.7" barrel too, but I can't find any weight info on those either. I believe them come in light and lighter, but no pencil.


I'm going for a light weight build and you really can't beat the prices on PSA, just need more info. I'm also willing to just order a pencil profile barrel, can you guys pin the low profile gas block? that's if you have a .625 gas block in stock right?

10-12-2012, 3:16 PM
Earlier this year PSA had said they would be posting weights on assembled uppers/rifles but it seems it's fallen to the backburner.

I'm interested in a lightweight build also, they've since added pencil profile barrels to their lineup which is fantastic. But I'm looking for 14.5/14.7" and it seems they've reduced their selection of 14.7" barrels/uppers

Having talked to people who have ordered their "light" profile barrels, I've heard that they are not as lightweight as other contemporary LW barrels. I also suspect there is a difference in weight between their "light" and "lighter" profile barrels but I'm not aware what it may be (or which one would be in fact lightest).

Some clarification here, and preferably on the website about the differences in barrel profile

Would love to be able to buy a 14.7" pencil profile from PSA.