View Full Version : NEW! Strike Industries SLIM 1911 PX Grips

08-27-2012, 2:00 PM
The new Strike Industries Slim 1911 Grips features 0.25" thickness per panel, a 0.5" difference from standard SI Grips. These are made of Strike's patented PX Polymer, a heat resistant polymer made of the same composition as G10 but through a different manufacturing process, Strike has been able drive cost down while maintaining the same structural integrity as G10 Grips.

SI PX15 & SI PX16 Slim Grips are non-textured and comes in semi-gloss and matte finish respectively.

SI PX17 & SI PX18 'Diamond Cutter' Slim Grips features dual patterned, semi-gloss and matte finish panels(respectively). The combined panels make for steady handling and added comfort. Unlike most dual-patterned grips, the panels have been reversed to help steady gripping during recoil. The left panel features the diamond pattern on the fingertip while the right panel features them on the heel of the palm. These two areas are proven to be critical points when gripping the pistol.

To order, visit any of our Strike Industries Dealers or click on this link: SI PX Slim 1911 Grips (http://strikeindustries.com/shop/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=1911+PX%E2%84%A2-08+.25%22)