View Full Version : Springfield EMP model # on Roster

08-23-2012, 10:24 PM
Didn't see a previous post on this...was looking on Gunbroker earlier and a seller is saying that the Springfield Armory EMP 9mm model # PI9209LP is not legal in CA, meaning it is not on the Roster. I checked the Roster and it shows one EMP, model # PI9209L, which is short the "P" suffix that the Gunbroker seller listed. So then I checked Springfield's website and they show their current 9mm EMP as model # PI9209LP, which confirms that the seller had the right model number.

What's the deal? Is the model # listed on the Roster incorrectly, or is there a different model number out there that is CA compliant that doesn't have the "P" suffix? If the Roster is incorrect but must be read in the strictest sense with regard to the complete model #, will that prevent being able to purchase that EMP model, even if that is the one they had intended to approve?

08-23-2012, 10:56 PM
The P just stands for "Package", usually that includes a holster or extra magazines. Most California dealers know this and would consider that an on-roster pistol as it's the correct model, just with extra accessories.

Probably best to have whatever dealer you plan to use for the transfer verify that its on-roster to the seller.

08-24-2012, 6:45 AM
Awesome, thanks redcliff! Just goes to show how confusing the Roster makes purchasing a gun in CA...:chris: