View Full Version : Any ME's with experience want to move to New Hampshire?

Nodda Duma
08-23-2012, 3:24 AM
My group is looking to fill a "senior" ME position (which means 5-10+ yrs I think) to work on DoD development projects and haven't had any luck filling the position yet. Product set includes opto-mechanical devices for the military.

They'll pay for moving expenses and give you good pay...you just have to be a good gd'ed ME with the right fit of experience.

If you're interested in living in the Live Free or Die state and think you might qualify, send me a PM and I'll point you to the job posting, and also pass your resume on.

I'm not a recruiter... I just want to help anyone trying to leave CA like I did for greener pastures, and also get the finder's fee. :D

08-26-2012, 12:51 AM

your company looking for general IT folks??????

i need to get out of this hell hole... :(

lol... no seriously. i need to get out.

Nodda Duma
08-26-2012, 2:33 PM
Sorry man, I only know what engineering needs.

I found my position doing a simple google search, so you could probably google something like "IT New Hampshire" and get a ton of hits