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08-21-2012, 12:36 PM
I hear the M2 inertia system is weight sensitive. So, what's the most shot shells you can add to the receiver and buttstock before it fails to feed? Has anyone really done a test for this?

08-21-2012, 1:25 PM
I have had 8 on a velcro side saddle and had no issues, but my bolt had been lightened by Salient. Switched from strong hand loading, Cooley Flip, to the load 2 system and have not run a side saddle since. This issue was discussed over at the Brian Enos Forums. Better choice to find out answers to your question.

08-21-2012, 1:36 PM
Must be over 13 because people run 10rd tubes, 1 chamber, and 2 in the slide loc pac. I filled the stock with 124gr bullets until full and was having reliability problems but that turned out to be a shell lifter problem. I am going to have to try and weight the stock again. The sensitivity problem is overstated, IMHO.

08-21-2012, 4:35 PM
sensitivity problem is overstated, IMHO.

I agree. I have a 10 rd tube + 1 in the chamber, an 8 rd sidesaddle, slide-lock 2 pac for a total of 21. My bolt is stock. Zero problems with 3 dram shells.

08-21-2012, 5:09 PM
My M2 is the 18.5" model
it's equiped with a ubino stock, mesa rail,aimpoint h1,7+1 tube and a surefire mini scout
I've got a velco'd 5 rnd sidesaddle on it also
I've run it at 2 shotgun classes 1000+ rnds,shooting walmart fed. lowbase,3 brands of 00 buck some low recoil and full power slugs
I was trying to see how weight sensitive it is and I could not get it to malfunction thru out the classes,I tried loading 2-3-4-5 rnds in the side saddle,I ran it with the light on and then removed the light,side saddle on than removed it the M2 just rocked
I did have 2 feeding issuses day 1 of a 4 day class, because the mag tube clamp was too tight,after loosening the clamp screws my M2 ran 100%
thats my personal experience with my M2 yours may vary
needless to say my M2 is not for sale

08-21-2012, 9:12 PM
It's not specifically the weight of the gun it's the user. A heavier gun fatigues the shooter more which will cause them to induce a malfunction.

08-21-2012, 9:38 PM
sootytom, I too installed the Urbino stock with the cheek riser on my M2. Made a huge difference in comfort and manipulation of the weapon. I just ordered Dave's Metal Works 7+1 ext. tube, follower, and barrel clamp. Should be in tomorrow.

When it comes to shell carriers I'm thinking about the Mesa Tactical 4 or 6 shell carrier on the right side butt of the Urbino stock and also their rail w/6 shell carrier on the left receiver. I'm also thinking about 3gun Gear 2 slide loc pac. A little too much?

08-22-2012, 5:59 AM
I've found that each is particular.

Some work with a side saddle, some are sensitive. My cousin's cycles everything. Mine, is particular.

08-22-2012, 6:30 AM
The sensitivity problem is overstated, IMHO.

^^^^ This.