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08-21-2012, 9:54 AM
Greetings all. I'm Marco, the Chief Instructor at Bullseye USA. Just a wanted to let you know that we have completely revamped our training program and are offering a full curriculum at our San Rafael Store.

We have great classes and professional experienced Instructors. All of our Instructors are former L.E./SWAT and military Instructors with multiple Instructor certifications from POST, the NRA, and U.S. Military, as well as training experience with internationally recognized training providers including Gunsite, Red Force L.L.C., Rifle Dynamics, I.T.R., A-T Solutions, and many others.

Check out our Instructor bios here:

We offer Basic through Advanced/Defensive handgun, shotgun and carbine training in both group and private class format. We can customize our private classes to meet your needs, and for the new shooter we include the firearms in our classes from our rental fleet. This way you can try out the guns you've been interested in as part of the class.

We also offer handgun, shotgun, and AR cleaning/maintenance classes, Multi-State CCW courses, BSIS security guard training, and many other courses.

We currently have the following courses open for registration:
Group Basic Handgun: Sat 09-01-12/1:00-5pm. $150.00 Firearms included or bring your own. $150.00

Multi-State CCW: Sat 09-08-12/1:00-5:00pm. Certifies you to apply for your Utah, Arizona, and Florida non-resident CCWs. Carry legally in 37 states! (Does not apply to California.) $250.00

Jardine 1911 Performance Class: 09-15-12/122-8:00pm. 8 hours with master 1911 smith John Jardine. Mr. Jardine is one of the greatest living 1911 smiths and founder of Valtro USA. You will learn history, full tear-down, performance and maintenance tip Mr Jardine in a private class setting. (You need to have your own 1911 and you need to know how to field-strip it.) $300.00.

3-Day AK Operators Course in Gardnerville Nevada. 11-09-12 through 11-11-12.
Train with Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics and former Spetznaz Operator Sonny Puzikas!
Day 1: Classroom with AK UBER-smith Jim Fuller, owner Rifle Dynamics. History, classification full tear-down, and performance mods for the most reliable and ubiquitous firearm in the world.
Day 2 and 3: On the open range with former Spetznaz operator and master close-quarter-combat Instructor Sonny Puzikas. Youve seen him on deadliest Warriors and in Call of Duty. Now train with him one-on-one! Mr. Puzikas. Close quarter AK and pistol techniques, transition and movement drills, Systema hand-to-hand and weapon retention techniques, and much much more. 3 days for $550.00.

For more info about Bullseye USA training or to register for any of the above, call (888) 959-3155 or email training@bullseyeusa.com

Be Safe, Be Accurate,