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08-19-2012, 3:17 PM
So I was thinking about getting the 1911 Sig TacPac, railed version. Any of you feel you need to talk me out of it and go for something else, or is it worth it?

Oh I do know that the laser is lame, but I heard the Sig is pretty solid. This will be my first 1911. I had always wanted an old Colt, but now my budget is focused on more something I can work on.

08-19-2012, 3:45 PM
Sig 1911's are nice. If you can hold one it would help. Everybody has a different grip on a firearm. I dont think you are making a bad decision.

08-19-2012, 4:50 PM
Well I will say this isn't really a 1911 out there I do not like the grip of. I have held the Sig and it feels pretty good.

Thanks for your input.

08-19-2012, 7:15 PM
I have had two Sig 1911's. Both were 1st Generation "GSR" engraved slide models. The non-railed model has been sold to help fund a Les Baer, the railed version is at the gunsmith for upgrades.

My railed GSR is my favorite 1911 to shoot. It had a slight undercut where the trigger guard meets the front of the grip.

If you do not have strong ideas of what you want in a 1911 then go to a store and handle some before buying one.
Sig makes a good 1911, it is not a Wilson Combat, Nighthawk, Ed Brown, Etc. But you already know that. Up side is that it does not cost $2500 to buy a Sig 1911.

Sig is probably as good as Springfield Loaded pistol but with a few more features and better than a bone stock Colt (but without the nostalgia).

If I could only have one 1911...
My ideal 1911 is railed, 5" barrel, all heavy steel not alloy/lightweight, undercut at the trigger guard, memory speed bump (Ed Brown style) beavertail, extended ambidextrous thumb safety, no forward serrations on the slide with three dot Novak style night sights and VZ grips. I also like the original non-traditional Sig blocky 1911 slide.
All this can be done to any 1911 with enough extra money spent on gunsmithing but the closest I can get to on initial condition/features will actually save money in the long run, even if the pistol costs more to begin with.

When I bought my first 1911 I did not really know the differences in weight, handling, feel of the various models. Having handled, shot and own several (owned about 10) I now know what my ideal is. That is not to say that anything different is bad.
My Dan Wesson bobtail commander is excellent for what it is,
My Les Baer TRS is an excellent non-railed 5" pistol well worth the asking price,
My Colt 5" XSE bone stock pistol is great as well- I bought it because it is a genuine Colt (but not original 1911 design) and I wanted a Colt. I will not have any work done to it other than trigger smoothing and lightening. I wanted a Colt and will leave it 100% Colt.
My Colt Defender has had custom work done and is on my CCW permit.
All that being said, when I go out to shoot it is usually my Sig GSR railed GSR that goes out with me.

If you want a 1911 in general, then a Sig will be a good choice. They take standard 1911 parts and can be changed as you wish. The problem with 1911's is not choosing a quality manufacturer, it is weeding through all the choices to find one that you will be happy with at your price point.

The situation you have before you is choosing the greater of the goods...not the lesser of the evils.

08-19-2012, 8:20 PM
Sig/Kimber/Colts 1911's are the best Bang for your buck Production Pistols, just my opinion. I was going to buy a Sig SS 1911 but held the Kimber TLE II and bought that instead as my first 1911. I wanted a more Traditional 1911 I guess. Colt's were never in stock at the time.

As long as the 1911 is made in here in America, I say go for it.
Save up your dollars, .45ACP is expensive.

08-19-2012, 9:19 PM
The railed tacpac is a fantastic firearm. Not sure about your planned use, but for myself -- if I could do it all over again -- I'd skip the tacpac for the nitron railed version.

Basically would skip the laser (as mentioned), the holster (I don't really need it), and got factory night sights.

That said, the tacpac 1911 is a lot of bang for the buck. I love mine. It's very accurate and eats everything I've fed it.

08-19-2012, 10:33 PM
I have the TacPac and love it! The lazer is a POS, and pretty much a waste. I paid $875 a few months ago. I ended up with 3 Sig mags thanks to the Sig rep at the shop. I've put over 1100 rounds through it without a single issue. I also added an EW(?) magwell. Great gun for not a lot of money.