View Full Version : 8/18-8/19 Costa Mesa Gun Show Attendance/Crowd/Components updates???

08-18-2012, 11:49 AM
Anyone return from the First day O.C. Gun Show yet? I'm curious to know what the overall vibe is as we near election time. Back in '08, The lines were crazy. Ammo was being bought up by the cases. Reloading components were selling out. This year's gun sales are breaking records and gun manufacturers are stopping future orders to catch up with demand.

I won't make it out there till tomorrow, and I know Miwall won't replenish inventory for day 2. Please post updates.

08-18-2012, 1:25 PM
I was there this morning, left about 10 am. Got in line at 8am, purchased my ticked online, first guy in line got there around 6:40 he said.

I do not understand how Midwall determines what they will stock for reloading components. I was lucky that I was on of the first there, they only had 1 8lb jug of H110 which I got (the person behind me was bummed. I think they only had ONE jug of H110, I would think they would bring at least a few if they are going to be there for 2 days.

There was a fairly long line behind me for components and Midwall only had 2 people working the component side of the stall, they had more working on the ammo side which also had more customers looking to buy.

The crowd seemed smaller then last time I went in 2011, but that maybe because I was there early and left early. Saw a lot of C&R rifles for sale but alas cannot buy any at this time. When I left I walked by Midwall again to see if they still had any components available, they still had a lot of Winchester 231 on the shelf and primers, but other powders looked like they were already sold out.

Including the price of the ticket and parking, the powder, primers, 22 ammo, cleaning supplies and mags made it worth it.

08-18-2012, 1:35 PM
I too was there about 8:00am and was near the front of the line at that time. Yes, the lines got long, however the general impression that I got was that today was less crowded than the last OC show (at least by the time that I left at about 10:15). MIWALL's ammo booth outside (where the reloading components and powder was kept), was very busy on both sides (ammo and reloading powder/components). However, MIWALL has two other booths at this show as always and these other booths were less crowded. The other ammo vendor (LA something, I believe) outside was also busy. Thus, I would say that ammo (as expected) was a big seller today. Overall a good show but I noticed that a lot of vendors were just setting up even as the show opened at 9:00am. As I was leaving I noticed that a lot of people were steadily making their way to the show, but there were no long waiting lines to get in.