View Full Version : Two on the rack

08-18-2012, 9:45 AM
Hi, I really like the LW-15 and have been seriously evaluating the complete system, the performance using the 300 blackout upper is almost perfect, i am a little set back by the attachment of the UTG sniper hand grip on the Ploy lower as i fear stripping the screw by tightening snugly.(steal screw VS. Ploy)

I would like to say that i have never bought a better product for the $98 dollars i spend on my lowers, I did call New Frontier Armory and ask about the size of the screw before attempting to take it out, it is better to ask than to destroy!

I am using Magpul window 30 rd mags in my LW-15 and it feeds the 300 blackout flawlessly, when i use a strap on shell catcher net it kicks out the mag and fails to feed a new shell,, i have no clue what is causing this.

now if we can just get a Polymer upper and chrome lined Polymer barrel with a carbon BCG complete non metal rifle.