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08-17-2012, 11:39 PM
I'm currently a Sr. Graphic Designer with a major video game publisher (Konami) here in Southern California. Always interested in picking up side gigs for some extra cash, but willing to work for trade as well. I specialize in packaging and branding, but I have plenty of experience in everything the design field has to offer. (Logos, Ads, Billboards, Brochures, Business Cards, Calendars, Car Wraps, Catalog Layout, CD & Album Covers, Flyers, Invitations, Large Scale Convention Graphics, Mailers, Newsletters, Photo Retouching, Postcards, Posters)

you can find a small sample of my work here:

Still in the act of bringing it current, but at least you can see the design quality I bring to the table. Since this isn't my main source of income, Im able to keep my prices more than reasonable. Ive always offered a referral discount to my clients so any business I receive through Calguns I'll be more than happy to make a donation of 10%. As I mentioned, I'm open to trades and here are some things i would be interested in....

Gun / Ammo / Equipment
Tattoo work (depending on your portfolio)
Gift certificate for basic and/or tactical shooting training
Gift Cards (Home Depot or Lowes, Restaurants)
Solar equipment or windows (just bought a house)
Theme Park tickets (Magic Moutain, Disneyland, Universal)
Clothing (regular and/or tactical gear)
Sporting Tickets, Concert Tickets, Event Tickets
Sun Glasses (Oakley, Costa del Mar, higher end polarized)
Mens Watches
Bose headphones
Medium/Large Format Printers
Prepper Supplies ( Bug Out Pack, A decent 2 person Tent, Water Purifier, MRE cases, Camel Packs, etc. )

Thanks for taking the time to look. Im easy to reach and can let you know up front prices and turn around times.
954.663.5939 or oostudio215oo@gmail.com