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08-16-2012, 5:28 PM
Hi Fellas,
I just bought a Browning BT99.
The BT99 has the following.

1) Ported Barrel
2) Invector Plus chokes.
3) JS Air Cushion stock by Joe Shiozaki
4) Adjustable rib (raises and lowers)
5) Looks dam near unfired.

I have always wanted to learn Trap. And I promised myself I would get lessons this year from an instructor to teach me how to shoot this discipline.

I think I got a fair deal on this shotgun at 600 bucks. As I think the JS air cushion stock is over a 1K itself.

Do you fellas have any input if I should keep this shotgun or go straight to a semi or O/U.

Note. I will shoot the Browning before making any decisions.
I just don't know if the BT99 is a good model to learn trap with.
My ignorance is astounding.


08-16-2012, 5:36 PM
A base model BT-99 is MSRP ~$1300. Ported barrel and adjustable rib are extra cost. I haven't priced a JS stock lately but they aren't cheap. The BT line has one purpose only, and that is to shoot singles trap. They are the best gun for the job in their price range. You can pay a lot more for an investment grade gun and not do any better than that Browning.

If you want to shoot singles trap, from 16 out to 27 yards, the BT-99 (assuming the gun fits you well enough) is a gun you will shoot for a lifetime. It is quality through and through. I shoot with guys every week who shoot nothing but BTs. It obviously won't work for doubles trap, you'd need a different gun if you want to shoot pairs.... and who doesn't? I am saving my nickles and dimes to buy one right now.

If the gun is mechanically sound (and it's a Browning) you got the steal deal of the century. Seriously... if you find you don't like the gun or it just doesn't fit. you can likely get plenty more for it than you paid if it's in really great shape.

But the absolute bottom line is whether or not the gun fits you. The good thing is that, with the way it sounds like this one is set up, it can be made to really fit you if it's close. Definitely seek out a club / instructor who can help you with fit.

08-16-2012, 6:42 PM
Wow- I recently sold mine at a good price and it was still more than what you paid, and mine was a Standard model with no modifications. Stick with it, they're great guns and will last a long time. There's a reason they're regarded as one of the mainstays of the (American) trap world. I did not sell it because I couldn't shoot it well or it was a bad shooting gun

Like BigDog said, they're great guns for American singles/handicap, and you'll see them in the hands of trapshooters about as often as you'll see any other Single Barrel Trap Guns.

Question: is it the factory adjustable rib, as found on the BT-99 Plus or BT-99 AR, or is it an aftermarker add-on rib? Since it's ported, I'm thinking BT-99 AR, but I could be wrong.

I see you're in OC - you're welcome to join me and a few folk who routinely go to Prado on the weekends - I also shoot with Tricounty Trap Club in Redlands; good bunch of folks.

Dammit, what a deal!

08-16-2012, 10:53 PM
First off.... Thank you for the input.

It looks like I am going to have to go and shoot this shotgun. And soon.
The closest place for me is Prado.

Me thinks this gun has an aftermarket rib. How can i tell the difference between a Plus and an AR?

RayReys... You will be getting a PM from me next month. I WILL take you up on your kind offer.

Any more input is appreciated.