View Full Version : F/S or Trade - ARMS 22M68 W/Cantilever Extension

06-15-2007, 8:11 PM
For Sale OR Trade:

ARMS 22M68 W/Cantilever Extension. For being about a year old, it is still in good condition. The only discernible blemishes are on the cap...which are not really scratches but more what you would consider "wear." I apologize for only having this one pic, but my batteries died mid-focus on the to-be second pic. I will post some more pics tomorrow once I get some batteries. But overall, I think someone would be very glad to own this item and put it to good use. Asking price is: $90 (reg. $130-140 as shown). Shipping is free. If someone thinks they have something I might want, then by all means, throw it out there. BTW, this is not my first sale here. I had four previous sales but that was prior to the change-over so they are not reflected. Located in Norcal (East Bay Area).

Offers addressed in the order received. Thanks.