View Full Version : Gun Racks & Safe Storage Ideas?

08-13-2012, 9:09 PM
I finally got to building my shelves and felt lining them. Now I want to make a rack or holder for the the few hnadguns I have. I also need to figure a way to get the rifles from leaning on eachother.

I can't drill into the ceiling to add the rifle rods. I suppose I could spray adhesive the velcro to the ceiling. I was thinking about 1/4 wooden dowels off the sides and rear as slots for then.

As for the handgun racks. I prefer to to have them pointed up at the ready, not laying on the back.

It's an older double door mosler and I COULD figure a way to add something to the door. Right now both doors are bare. Problem is there's only a 2" from the closed door and start of the shelf...only in a few spots is this clearance an issue.

What have you made? Any pics? I checked Home Depot in the kitchen accessory wire section and didnt dig anything for over $10. I have enough scrap would to fab something for free.