View Full Version : Jericho 941 (IWI) in a diff variant

08-13-2012, 4:59 PM
I've seen pictures and specs of Israeli spec (for the IDF, I believe) Jerichos: some sport factory compensated barrels and frame mounted safeties. Is it possible for a Californian such as myself to get ahold of one of these fine specimens? I would reaaaaaaally like the polymer framed 4.5" barrel 9mm version, with that elusive frame safety / compensator! One can dream, right...

IMO, Jerichos should be imported as Jerichos (named Jericho 9, Jericho 40, and Jericho 45) instead of that Baby Desert Eagle II hobbleposh. Bah!

Anyway, yeah, anyone know how/where to procure the more awesomely configured Jericho?!! or perhaps can point out where to buy parts to convert a 941R (slide safety) to a 941F (frame safety)? :D