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pennys dad
08-13-2012, 10:22 AM
Community Action "Thursday" - Fight Back Against SB249
Use the CALGUNS SB249 Page for Talking points to Fax (SB249) (www.calguns.net/249)


Lets Hammer them!

Community Action "Thursday" - Fight Back Against SB249

The Right to Bear Arms
08-14-2012, 10:28 AM
Thank you !

To everyone, I just got off the phone with Senator Yee's office. I told the young lady who answered, ( her name is Mel ) that I wanted to voice my opposition to SB 249.

She replied with an affirmative and tried to end the call. Note ! I did not let her end the call. I continued the conversation respectfully and requested the call be officially documented. She proceeded to get my name and address. I also asked her too take my phone number as well. Throughout the conversation, I remarked the proposed bill was unconstitutional and an infringement on everyone's rights including hers and the senators. She gave pause.

Ok, more calls today to the other offices.

Keep this in mind when you reach to these offices.

1. Be Professional ( Polite )
2. Be Persistent.
3. Clearly articulate your opposition repeatedly.

4. Remember the human factor here. Yes, undoubtedly we will be reaching people with different value systems but they are all still our fellow Californians and Americans. The truth is SB 249 jeopardizes everyone's rights. Including the Senator and his staff. There is a professional way to articulate that and strengthen our cause which is in actuality " everyone's " cause. Even the Liberals.

Have a good day,


ps. Be Firm but be in a good mood. Get your point across like a Responsible leader. That's what all of us are anyway.

pennys dad
08-14-2012, 5:02 PM
Thank you for the awesome report RBA.
Wednesday action prepped and ready to go

The Right to Bear Arms
08-15-2012, 7:45 AM
Roger that, this is Email Day. Let's look alive.

pennys dad
08-15-2012, 7:46 AM
For all you Gmail users, here is my email string:

TO: senator.yee@senate.ca.gov, leland.yee@sen.ca.gov, adam.keigwin@sen.ca.gov, johannes.rognerud@sen.ca.gov

BCC: Assemblymember.Blumenfield@assembly.ca.gov, Assemblymember.Bradford@assembly.ca.gov, Assemblymember.Campos@assembly.ca.gov, Assemblymember.Calderon@assembly.ca.gov, Assemblymember.Davis@assembly.ca.gov, Assemblymember.Donnelly@assembly.ca.gov, Assemblymember.Fuentes@assembly.ca.gov, Assemblymember.Hall@assembly.ca.gov, Assemblymember.Harkey@assembly.ca.gov, Assemblymember.Gatto@assembly.ca.gov, Assemblymember.Hill@assembly.ca.gov, Assemblymember.Lara@assembly.ca.gov, Assemblymember.Mitchell@assembly.ca.gov, Assemblymember.Nielsen@assembly.ca.gov, Assemblymember.Solorio@assembly.ca.gov, Assemblymember.Norby@assembly.ca.gov, Assemblymember.Wagner@assembly.ca.gov,

Subject: Points to consider

Points to consider when voting to oppose SB249:
Cost to law enforcement to enforce this law.
Officers will be taken away from real crimes and have to be paid to check citizens at firing ranges requiring paying more officers to be employed for regular duties.
Loss of tax revenue.
Tens of thousands of these legal rifles are sold each year at a cost of $800-2000 each if not more. At an average tax rate of 9%, this averages out at $126 per rifle in taxes. At a conservative estimate of 50,000 rifles sold each year this is $6.3 million dollars in revenue the State will lose and that is not counting additional taxes on accessory purchases.
Decline or loss revenue from business taxes and fees from loss of businesses.
Entire industries have been created around these rifles, many of them here in California. This law will put them out of business cutting the State’s income from business and income taxes and adding to already poor unemployment figures.
Cost to the State of litigation should this bill pass.
There is no doubt that should this bill pass it will be immediately challenged in court, if recent litigation is any indicator this will be fought at least up to the 9th Circuit Court.
The costs of defending this bill will be very high and unnecessary given that there are already existing laws regulating these rifles.

08-15-2012, 8:21 AM
Called, emailed, and sent letters.

08-15-2012, 8:41 AM

08-15-2012, 8:53 AM
emailed done

pennys dad
08-15-2012, 9:29 PM