View Full Version : Sig p239 vs kimber 1911 9mm

08-12-2012, 2:43 PM
Ive been in the market for a new gun and originally i was looking into a 1911 but after shooting a sig 239 a little bit at the range today i think im liking the sig p239 but i dont kno if i like it more than the 1911 so im trying to decide which one should i buy first. What are some of the pros and cons with these two guns...for the moment im leaning more towards a 239 because its slimmer and it feels really nice for a concealed gun

08-12-2012, 3:02 PM
You are comparing apples to oranges. Two totally different types of handguns. Both platforms are excellent. Which style do you feel more comfortable with? If you are planning on eventually buying both and need a carry gun right away, go with the 239 as it is lighter and easier to conceal (well, sort of; I carry a 1911 as my carry gun, always have and I have no trouble concealing it; however, it is heavy). Whichever you buy, load up on ammo if you haven't already. It is not going to get cheaper and will probably continue to rise in price.