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Hey all,
Im new to CalGuns and new to Cali. I'm coming frm the eastcoast and I'm a AD Mil member. Got a few questions that maybe some or all of you can answer or help me with. I have a palmetto state armory AR-15 that I own so I called the Cal Bureau of Firearms to see if I could have it and if it was legal, well one guy said I "good to go" because I was a AD Mil member not a permenant resident of Cali and cause it wasnt on their "banded list" just as long as I don't have a clip/ mag in it that was more than 10 rds which I thought I was in the clear, but at the same time I shot them a email(no pun intended, lol) earlier with all the same info and another person called me back telling me that I couldn't have it AT ALL. Now I fig they were the experts but I'm doubting their intel and knowledge, can you all help me with this delimma and shed some light on the subject? Thanks a mil! My other question was about my walther .22, one said I was fine to have it and another said I couldn't have it, something about it was illegal if my barrel was threaded, I looked and it's not threaded and when I called S&W they said it wasn't threaded for a silencer or suppressor type accessories and I would need a special tool to remove some type of part but it's not made for silencer/ suppressor attachments, so can I still keep this too? Sorry for the extensive message, lol.

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Welcome to CalGuns. A Lot of good info here and plenty of knowledgeable folks on guns and gun laws in this crappy state.

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For your AR, follow the flowchart and OLL assembly guide link at the top. If you've got a collapsible buttstock, flash hider or pistol grip (yeah, you most definitely have that) then you're gonna need to replace your magazine release button with one that requires a tool (bullet button)

any magazines you have that are over 10 round capacity need to be disassembled before entering the state (importing magazine repair kits is not illegal. importing high capacity magazines is illegal).

About your walther 22, as long as you don't have a threaded barrel, it's not illegal. Threaded barrels are not allowed in this state on pistols.

Your walther may or may not be on the "Safe Handgun List," but as long as you send the registration form in to the DOJ along with $19, you should be fine. You can get the form from any gun store, if i'm not mistaken.

Welcome to the forums, and good luck!

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I legally purchased a walther p22 in CA. You should be fine. Do the required paperwork. Your palmetto is also legal, as I purchased one in CA as well. Just change out the magazine release for a "bullet button". Don't throw away the mag release. Look at the calguns assault weapon flow chart to make sure you are in compliance.

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Hey SgtMerc and SparkYZ! Roger that. I really appreciate the info, believe me it was WAY more useful info than what I was given frm the DOJ folks. Def glad I joined this group! Once again I appreciate the help and info. Tanks!

SoCal Bob
08-11-2012, 11:07 AM
Welcome to Calguns and thank you for serving. :patriot: You will need to send in a registration form, and check for $19, for each pistol you bring with you. Long guns do not need to be registered at the moment.

Here is a link to the DOJ FAQ, questions 25 & 26 deal with moving to CA: http://oag.ca.gov/firearms/pubfaqs

Here is a link to the handgun registration PDF: http://oag.ca.gov/sites/all/files/pd.../ab991frm.pdf?

A word of advice, gun shops and CA DOJ are the worst sources of information when it comes to CA firearms laws. You can call DOJ 5 times, talk to 5 different people, read the same question off a card and get 5 different interpretations of the law. Bottom line on the AR is remove the magazine release before entering CA, install a bullet button once you get here, use a 10 round or less magazine and you are good to go.

On the Walther, if I remember the story correctly DOJ approved it for CA then later realized it had a threaded barrel and panicked. I believe the last decision was that they are OK as long as the thread cover has loctite applied to it so that you can't just remove it by hand.

08-11-2012, 11:24 AM
Phillyblazen please check out www.stopsb249.org

CA state legislators are trying to pass a law that will effectively ban your AR. There's online petitions and fliers. Every signature helps! Pass out fliers to the gun owners in your unit! We need all the help we can get!

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welcome to the forum.

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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome aboard! As you are seeing, there is lots of useful info and helpful folks 'round these parts!

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Thanks a mill everyone for the warm welcomes and the all so helpful tips, advice, and info. So Cal Bob you're totally right, I even had other people call CA DOJ for their guns with the SAME info and they were told 20 different things as well. Gonna tell them to joint CalGuns, the help and info here is SO much better!

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Regarding your P22, if it has flats on the barrel retaining nut, it is an assault weapon under CA law for having a threaded barrel. Smith & Wesson recalled early P22 pistols in CA and replaced the barrel nut with a smooth one and used loc-tite to make it "permanent". I don't know for sure, but I presume that S&W would still do this mod for someone in CA.

Read this thread for more info.


Your AR just needs a BB and a ten rounder and you're good to go. Don't insert high caps!!

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Thanks again guys, I'm in Huntington beach, is there a place where I can shoot shotguns and long rifles? I mod'ed out my mossberg a while back so I'm itching to test it out, I also mod'ed out my 770. Tact'ed them both out, all legal to, and im ready to test those babies out, any places come to mind?

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Welcome to CalGuns. Thanks for your service! :patriot: