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08-11-2012, 2:46 AM
My Experiences, hit or miss at San Bernardino Turners. Mostly miss so far. Others might have better luck.

1st time I been to this turner, had a young cashier rep talk down to me when I decided to not purchase a HK USC when I found a better deal somewhere else. Extremely rude and unprofessional. Started to tell me to purchase a gun I can afford. F*ck you I can buy 10 of them if I want to in cash, but not at that price you *****, he had a smerk on his face the whole time like he's the sh*ts. What part of I'm not interested anymore did he miss, not that I can't afford it and no I am not looking for another rifle.

2nd time I return, different employee, very professional and easy to deal with purchased a rifle. Thanks to the Calguns APPLE SEED cert. that I decided to give it another chance. I actually started to like this place. Friendly cashier, and staff behind the gun counter.

3rd time after 10 days I returned to pick up the rifle, the staff told me to take a seat its going to be a while. I waited for 30mins. playing games on my phone. I got up and ask them is everything okay. They apparently screwed up the paperwork and lost something. So sat for another 30mins. until they could straighten out the crap, then I got the rifle home and notice someone opened the instruction packages inside so the scope rail screws flew out the box. Found 1 screw wedge at the corner of the box....... no big deal went to buy another one.

4th time I returned for ammo, very helpful cashier and nice, same as 2nd visit. She was very professional and seems happy to work there and also pointed out things that are on sale which actually got me to pick up more stuff. She apparently reads her stores fliers unlike the 5th visit cashier. Also got help from the gun counter for ammo, also nice and professional

5th time I went in for a PPT with other calguns member to transfer a pistol to my GF. The front counter guy checked in the pistol and asked us to take a number and someone will help us. We got number #24 and is displaying serving customer #17. We waited for 15 minutes and the number was not changing. I go and ask are you guys calling the number? The staff looked confused and wasn't sure. So the entire time I was waiting everyone else that didn't take a number got helped, the cashier in the front made me waste the sellers and my time. The entire time I was there it stayed as #17.
The staff did not apologize for them making us wait.

We finally get help and asked how he can help us. We said PPT, he scoffs and jokes around to call the next customer. Not what I was looking for after waiting pointlessly due to staff not being on the same page.

The 1 hour problem.
So my GF had her HSC card stolen along with her wallet, but the shop that has the HSC card has no replacement so they made a copy of the stores HSC card. I have my GF hand the turner's staff the copied card and they said no I need the original. I explained to the staff it was stolen and this copy works because it has the HSC # and proves my GF took and pass the test, I also said when you fill in the DOJ form use the HSC # like you would with the original copy. I even told the staff you can call that gun store's # and they can verify. The staff refused and says $25 to get a HSC card here. I wasn't going to argue with them, maybe its a store policy. I have no choice since Calguns seller came out to do the PPT. So I apologized to the calguns member that this might take a while. I told my GF its really easy, but she prefer studying first. So my GF went to buy the HSC handbook, since the staff supposedly can't lend one. While my GF is studying the other calguns member head to lunch and I browse for my purchase.

Staff doesn't want business
The same staff I tell him I want to check out the Ruger 10/22 break down and Mossberg MVP. He hands me the Ruger 10/22 but not the MVP. He says the only way I can see the MVP is if I buy it. So I am not allowed to check out a rifle unless I buy it, WTF its $530 rifle not a $8000 one. Kind of ridiculous, do I need to take out the cash and wave it around to prove I can buy it or something? so I ended up buying the "Ruger 10/22 take down" CASH in full. I might have purchased the MVP, but I won't if I can't check it out before paying. I'll buy it else where.

Continue of 1 hour problem + another hour
After my GF was done studying I asked another staff and explained the situation. He goes to the manager and I explain the problem to him and I told the manager call the DOJ. He leaves for about 15min. gets a hold of DOJ and says I was right and replaces HSC card for $10.

So the staff that refused WASTED all our time and money to buy the stupid book and the studying my GF done, pointless. The seller calguns member return and the PPT process continue, another hour goes by because the computer crashed and the staff had to run errands while helping us. So we waited. We got to the store at 11:50AM and it wasn't until 2:15PM I can get out.

Check out
I picked up a few pepper sprays and waited to pay. The cashier guy was slow and kind of a jerk, he might be the same guy from the 1st visit, he ring us up and the prices were higher than advertised, didn't honor the summer catalog prices. I told him the prices, he gives me a look like i'm stupid and says no. I told him look its in the catalog. He verifies with a supervisor or manager before he rings me up again correctly.

Total 2 hours 30 minute ugh, anyone have a higher record time for PPT? It could have been 30 mins. tops if the staffs work together and stop messing up. My fastest PPT 15min. at bright spot pawn and fastest FFL transfer 5 minutes bright spot pawn.

6th visits
I'll see how it goes when I pick up the rifle and my GF picks up her pistol. Let hope they don't screw up the dros and hope they still have the nice cashier not the idiot.

Improvements I liked to see

The staffs needs to be on the same page as other staffs (customer # help system, prices, processes, legalities)
Staffs should never be rude
Staff should never give customer crap about PPT, we might buy something. I always buy something. Even if customers don't they should not be unwelcomed.
Staff shouldn't be lazy and not let customer check out something they are thinking to buy. I'm already a paying customer. Even if I'm not i'm a potential customer.
If they screw up make it up. My GF shouldn't have been charged for the HSC booklet. We didn't demand the booklet be refunded we just want to get the F out of there. Seeing how the cashier is, not even worth asking.
Staffs should apologize for wasting the customer's time and do something to make it right when they mess up.
The cashier should be the friendliest staff like my 2nd and 4th visit, because they greet customers coming in, and is the last staff a customer sees before leaving.

Many customers will stop coming back and say nothing, I decided to take my time to write a review here hoping for improvements because this Turners is the closest one. If it falls on deaf ear I rather go further to another store*.

*I visit different gun stores for different purposes based on ammo, prices, stock, distance, speed, promotion, hours etc.

08-11-2012, 3:27 AM
I bought my 9mm at the corona turners also had good and bad experience the gentleman who sold me the gun was knowledgeable and friendly. My gun was not in stock so I was told to come back in one week and they would have a serial for me to start paper work so a week later I go in and explain to a different worker what I was there for he had an attitude and told me I must of heard wrong because it always takes about three weeks to get guns in to make a long story short my 10 waiting period was more like a 60 day waiting period. Never again I just bought a mossber 500 I went somewhere else were they actually appreciate my business.

08-11-2012, 3:37 AM
Turner's always has the lowest price but not by much not worth dealing with untrained unprofessional employees. Its funny how when you walk up to the gun counter how all the employees there all come at you asking how they can help then once they realize your just looking around for future purchase and not that day there mood changes and all of a sudden out of all the employees there you can't manage to keep one there to answer all you're questions.

08-11-2012, 1:27 PM
Turner's always has the lowest price but not by much not worth dealing with untrained unprofessional employees. Its funny how when you walk up to the gun counter how all the employees there all come at you asking how they can help then once they realize your just looking around for future purchase and not that day there mood changes and all of a sudden out of all the employees there you can't manage to keep one there to answer all you're questions.

I do see that too. Must be the commission thing. They don't want to PPT, answer your questions, or show your firearms unless your buying.

08-11-2012, 8:48 PM
turners is a necessity purchase only store anymore.

after all my troubles it takes a good deal to get me in there anymore.

i even tried to get hired for weekend work there and got a call back but nothing else,i am very knowledgeable about many weapons,trends,ammo,community and more.yet they continue to hire the braindead sons,friends,buddies kid,what ever fool walks in and will be a braindead drone....resistance must be futile

08-11-2012, 9:03 PM
I bought a HK P2000 earlier this year at that store and had no problems at all. I also buy fishing stuff and never have issues. Wait time at the gun counter can be long but what can you do?

08-29-2012, 10:48 PM
same crap to a few other people including me.. Check this thread out.. im post #47

08-31-2012, 8:23 AM
Similar situation in Reseda, just a waste of time.

I CALLED in prior to showing up to the store to purchase the NC Star AR scope that Turners advertised for $59.00. Was told they had 2 more in stock so I was told they would "hide" them for me since they could not hold them. Great, thanks right?

I show up, speak to Alex, and he hands me 2 scopes after about 30 minutes of waiting. I explain to him I only needed one, and proceeded to the cashier. She rings it up and says, "$159.00" so I am more than confused.

Ask to speak to the manager (shorter Asian gentleman) who proceeded to go to the back to verify the price. He comes back about 20 minutes later to inform me that they are OUT OF STOCK, but they can offer me one for $90 to $100. I wasted an hour of my Saturday, plus about $10 in gas since I drive an SUV, for NOTHING!!! Only thing the manager offered was to order me one from the warehouse (which I did appreciate) but at this point, too late!

In 2 words, OVER TURNERS!! No more for me. I'll pay a bit more for higher quality service.

08-31-2012, 12:26 PM
I have also had hits and misses, sometimes they got good deals and that is why I go, otherwise I much rather go to Ammo Bros or even Big 5. Ammo Bros always cool and the big 5 guys know me haha

08-31-2012, 2:58 PM
The San Berdoo Turner's is the main tore I go to. I have bought over 20 guns from them.

But know what? I went to Ammo bros. in Ontario a few weeks ago. They ended up closing with me locked inside with them and chatting a few minutes more. I felt terrible, they said it's cool they will let me out. My next purchase WILL be Ammo Bros!

08-31-2012, 5:02 PM
You know, I've had nothing but great experiences at turners in Rancho Cucamonga. I even went in to look at a gun for my wife, and even though we weren't going to buy that day, the manager took an amazing amount of time showing her a bunch of different guns and discussed the pros and cons of each without talking down to her like she was just some dumb gun girl. Of course, she tried to make the sale right away, but when we were unable to do it then, she didn't get rude or offended. She even kept helping us look at ammo. This is fairly typical for my experiences at this store.

I do however, speaking from experience, agree that the San Bernardino stone leaves a lot to be desired.

08-31-2012, 8:45 PM
Turners is hit and miss for me. I have had good service at the corona store the one time I picked up a .22.

I had a little Problem at the rancho store. I baught a s&w 22a. Waited the 10 days, went to pick it up and everything went fine. I had a younger cute girl help me when I picked it up. I used my C&R for proof of residence since my DL has a po box on it and not a phisical address. No problems other then taking about 45 mins to finish up the paperwork. While picking it up the 22a I see a Beretta neos on cosignment for $200. Being a good deal I buy it. 10 days later I go to pick it up and get helped by the same cute chick as before. This time she won't accept my C&R as proof of residence. I try to tell her that 20 days before it worked fine. She would not accept it even after talking to a manager. The funny part is the last 5 or more guns I used my C&R just fine. She tells me I need to have a Utility bill or car registration to pick up the beretta. I already spent a hour at this point. I did not have my car registration since I drove my girlfriends car. I ended up have to drive back home to get my car registration head back to turners to pick up the gun.

It ended up taking almost 3 hours to get the gun. It was the last time I bought a new gun from them.

I did a ppt at the Chino hills store not too long ago and everything went smooth. No hassle or attitude about the ppt. The manager that help me was a cool dude.

The only thing I buy at turners is ammo and even then their prices are high.